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Travel Hotel GuidesOur team of Hotels Fairy travel writers are working hard to produce a series of destination guides for top locations and attractions around the world.

At present we have only a small selection of dedicated guides, but you can of course find hotels in 195 countries using our hotel comparison search boxes, and watch this space as we constantly grow our library of dedicated destination guides.

Also, if you’ve been looking for a concise, informative guide about a specific destination and would like to suggest it to our travel writing team, please do contact us.

UK Travel Hotel Guides

The UK is a popular detination for people from all over the world who flock to the famous cities of London, Oxford and Edinburgh, but there is so much more to discover.  Check out some of the UK’s most charming towns and villages as you meander through the narrow winding lanes of Britain’s countryside.

Australia Travel Hotel Guides

If you’re thinking of heading down under, there is plenty to keep you busy in the big cities such as Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, but to discover the best of Australia you need to get away from things into the rainforest, outback and out to the coast where you’ll find the raw beauty of this distant land.

France Travel Hotel Guides

The home of fashion and food, France surely has something that everyone will love.  Croissants, cafes, vibrant stylish cities, vast beautiful landscapes, skiing, medieval architecture.  You name it, you’ll find the best of it in France.

Germany Travel Hotel Guides

One of Europe’s largest countries, Germany is often seen as more of a business destination than a holiday destination but in fact Germany has many many attractions that are often overlooked by visitors from abroad, from the Europa Park themepark to the Black Forest, not to mention its iconic cities such as Berlin and Munich.

Hungary Travel Hotel Guides

From its stunning capital city Budapest to its unspoilt central European countryside, Hungary is one of the lesser known gems of the European continent.  Aswell as stunning architecture and friendly people, Hungary is famous as Europe’s thermal spa capital, with well over 100 dotted around this small land.

Canada Travel Hotel Guides

Bustling cosmopolitan cities contrast starkly with genuine unspoilt wilderness and tranquility in Canada.  If you want a truly memeorable holiday that combines the best of the US and Europe in one place, then there surely is no better place than Canada.

Morocco Hotel And Destination Guides

Morocco is the perfect place for an affordable holiday in the sun, with the temperature usually staying within the twenties throughout the year.  Discover the charms of its ancient architecture and traditional markets combined with cheap luxury hotels and a stunning coast line.

Russia – Hotel and Destination Guide

Winston Churchill said Russia is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma. Unravel the mystery with our trusty hotel and destination guide. Russia is the largest country on earth and covers 11 time zones. With a population of 141,850,000, the country contains over 100 different nationalities. Moscow and St. Petersburg are the main destinations, but Russia has many other amazing cities, majestic nature, and a history full of intrigue.

New Zealand – Hotel and Destination Guide

Part tropical paradise, part snow-capped mountains, part rolling vineyards and part cosmopolitan hotspot, New Zealand is a tiny package chock full of things to see and do.  Made up of two major islands and a few smaller ones, New Zealand has a population of just 4 million spread over 268,000 square km.  Explore the islands from top to bottom and discover how many things the little country has to offer.

We’re constantly adding new destination and hotel guides to Hotels Fairy, so keep checking back for information about more exciting destinations.

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