Therme Erding and Galaxy Erding – Europe’s Biggest Spa

Conveniently located just a few miles from Munich Airport (Flughafen München) in the attractive town of Erding, Germany, is what claims to be Europe’s biggest spa – Therme Erding.  With indoor and outdoor thermal pools, a sauna world and an adrenalin pumping water fun park called galaxy Erding, Therme Erding is great fun for all the family.

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Therme Erding

If you’re looking for relaxation, then you’ll love soaking in the heat of Therme Erding with it interconnected, indoor and outdoor pools.  Because the water is naturally warm, you can enjoy it in any weather at all times of the year.  We visited when it was snowing and loved the experience of drifting around outside in the hot water watching the snow falls from the sky.

Therme Erding and Galaxy Erding Indoor is the main pool sits beneath a huge glass dome.  That makes it feel like an airy, and in summer the roof opens up like something from a sci-fi movie.  And as if that wasn’t all relaxing enough, they have an in pool bar serving alcoholic and non alcoholic cocktails and a whole range of different mineral pools, whirlpools and steam rooms, all claiming to have special health benefits.

For those who like it really hot (or cold), then you can test your tolerance by submerging yourself in the Schwefelquelle outside, eight unique hot tub with different compartments with water temperatures ranging from 0 to 45° C.

It’s a bit smelly and the watercolour is worryingly milky, but we are assured that it is the spring’s natural mineral content, so if anything it should be good for you.

Galaxy Erding

For most people and afternoon at Therme Erding spa would be a great experience in its self and has plenty to keep you busy, but what if you get a bit too relaxed and need some excitements to wake you up, or what have you got children with you who find it all a bit too slow?

Well, they’ve thought of that, and a short walk down a corridor from the main pool complex, you’ll find Galaxy Erding, probably the best waterslide park in Europe.

Like the main thermal spa, Galaxy Erding spa has both indoor and outdoor sections.  So you don’t need to worry about the weather, and in case you’re wondering – yes, the water on the slides is warm.

Slight range from small gentle slopes for children and timid adults to terrifying high-speed shoots that test your nerve.  They even have one that fires you up hill in a rubber ring with powerful water jets and another with a speed record of 65 km per hour.

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Our verdict

Therme Erding and Galaxy Erding are both excellent fun and making great outing, not just the families, but couples or groups of all ages, with the relaxation of the thermal spa providing the perfect contrast to the action packed Galaxy world.

There’s no escaping the fact that it’s not Caribbean interior design is quite tacky, but everyone seems to have a great time, and compare to spas in some other countries, it’s unbeatable value, with a combined 2 hour adult ticket for Therme Erding and Galaxy Erding, costing only around €10.

It is a must for anyone visiting Munich, especially if you’re staying in one of the Hotels near Munich airport as it is so close by, and you can stay in the attractive old town, which is famous as the home of the beer Erdinger Weissbrau.

Therme Erding & Galaxy Erding Hotels – where to stay

Erding has many excellent hotels and pensions, and there are some good hotels at Munich airport if that’s more convenient for you.  You can compare the best prices on all of the hotels in Erding using the search box at the top of this page, or look at the recommended hotels below.

Within Erding, the most famous hotel is the Hotel Zum Erdinger Weissbräu (approximately €100 per night), located in the heart of the historic town at the brewery itself.  Another excellent hotel within the town is the popular 4-Star Hotel, Henry Erding (approximately €110 per night).  Or try the Best Western Parkhotel Erding (around €95 per night).

Just a mile or two out of the town centre are some good quality but cheaper hotels including the 4-star e Best Western Hotel München Airport Erding(around €60) or the fantastic value Euro Hotel Erding, which at around €52 per night for a double room is understandably, extremely popular.

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