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Agadir hotelsOne of Morocco’s major cities, Agadir is situated at the shores of the Atlantic Ocean and on the foot of the Atlas Mountains. Unlike traditional Moroccan cities, Agadir displays heavy influences from the European culture, as shown by the presence of wide roads, modern Agadir hotels, and cafes that offer European cuisine alongside Moroccan dishes and delicacies.
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If you’re looking for some winter sun to escape Europe’s cold and bleak climate then Agadir is without doubt one of the top destinations to choose from, with winter midday temperatures rarely dipping below 20 degrees C even at the peak of winter.  Whats so great about Agadir though, is that peak summer temperatures are around 26degrees, making it perfect all year round.

Unlike most Moroccan cities, Agadir has a very modern European feel, full of cafes in this beautiful seaside location.

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Timoulay Hotel and Spa Agadir

timoulay hotel agadirTimoulay Hotel is perhaps one of the best beach hotels of Agadir. Situated on the shores of Baie Des Palmiers, Timoulay treats guests to world class spa treatments and other wellness services. You can also explore the Atlantic Ocean with the hotels scuba diving and snorkeling packages. Or if you prefer to roam the desert, Timoulay holds horseback riding tours for its guests. Rates begin at €94.

The Atlantic Palace Agadir Golf Thalasso & Casino Resort

royal palace hotel agadirThe Atlantic Palace Agadir Golf Thalasso & Casino Resort is one of Agadir’s grandest hotels and is ideally located near the city’s center. You can just walk out of the hotel’s doors and feel the Agadir’s atmosphere the moment you do. And if you want to bask in the sand and sun, the Atlantic Palace Agadir has its own private beach where you can do just that. They also have a restaurant that offers the best of the regional and traditional cuisine. Rates begin at €80.

Kenzi Europa Hotel Agadir

kenzi europa hotel agadirKenzi Europa is the hotel you would want to go if you are not so worried about keeping within a budget. Its expensiveness is greatly justified with all the features the hotel presents to its guests. Each room has a balcony that opens to a great view of the surrounding areas, satellite TV, a mini-fridge, and a modern en suite bathroom. The location is also perfect; it is within walking distance of two major souks, the Kasbah and the Birds Valley. Rates begin at €203.

Other hotels in Agadir Morocco

Other notable hotels of Agadir include Sofitel Agadir Royalbay Resort, Tagadirt Hotel Agadir (an absolute bargain), and if you want to be right by the sea, try the Iberostar Founty Beach Hotel Agadir.

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More information about Agadir in Morocco

With its location along a very long sandy strip, Agadir boasts of fine beaches that have attracted tourists from all over the world, particularly Europeans. Many of the hotels of Agadir are also constructed on or near the beaches to accommodate those who want to be close with sand, surf, and sun. And with its relative nearness to the seaside, Agadir easily became one of the world’s big importers of sardines.

The once small fishing village of Agadir el-arba` has become one of Morocco’s important cities, as evidenced by the number of huge Agadir hotels, businesses, and its ties to the global market. That said, Agadir has preserved some of its past, whether in stone or in the museums. A fusion of modern and traditional living, Agadir will never disappoint if you so choose to spend your holiday there. And if you do, check on and compare the hotels of Agadir with the Hotels Fairy Price Comparison sheet and see if you can nab a great deal.