Limoges Hotels Guide

Image by Thomas Favre-Bulle
Limoges Hotels Guide
Image by Thomas Favre-Bulle

Situated in the plains and hills of central France, the city of Limoges is deeply entrenched in history, with traces that date back to the height of the Roman Empire. Known for its rich copper deposits, oak barrels, and porcelain, Limoges is definitely a great place to go to for a holiday. Limoges hotels are reasonably priced and with very high standards of service.

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Limoges Hotels and Accommodation

If you are planning to spend a vacation in Limoges, whether with your family, friends, or loved ones, you can be certain that you won’t leave the city disappointed.

On the forefront are lists of hotels in Limoges that provide accommodations in its finest form. And with so many hotels in the area, checking out a hotel price comparison table is imperative. Browse the top hotels listed below or use our Limoges Hotel search box to find the best hotel for you.

Limoges Hotels Compare

Featured Hotels in Limoges France

Inter-Hotel Saint Martial Limoges

Interhotel martial limogesInter-Hotel Saint Martial in Limoges offers guests with spacious and freshly renovated rooms that are fitted with nice and comfortable beds aswell LCD TVs for those who want a quiet night in. While the hotel does not have its own restaurant or café, the hotel staff are happy to point you to the great restaurants located within the vicinity. Double room rates start at around €39.

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Best Western Hôtel Le Richelieu

best western limogesBest Western Hôtel Le Richelieu is one of the grand hotels of Limoges. Founded in 1930, this establishment is in a very historic section of the city.  Its facilities include a 24-hour front desk, free WiFi services, and great TV programming. The hotel also holds a breakfast buffet for its guests in the morning and a bar where they can cozy up and unwind. Rates begin at €78.

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Inter Hotel Atrium

Atrium Interhotel LimogesInter Hotel Atrium treats guests to very spacious and comfortable living quarters equipped with efficient air conditioning system, WiFi access, and a satellite TV with a very wide range of programs. Situated just two kilometers from the city center and the train station, it is very easy to navigate the city streets on foot. Rates begin at €70.

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Hotel Familia Limoges

hotel familia limogesHotel Familia is one of the most reliable names when it comes to Limoges hotels. Located just five minutes away from the center of the city, exploring around on foot is very much doable. And if you are in a hurry to be somewhere, Hotel Familia is just 20 meters from the train station. Guests can enjoy free wifi access and bask in the hotel’s flowered patio. Rates begin at €55.

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Other Hotels in Limoges

Other hotels worthy of note are Bienvenue Hotel, Appart’city Limoges and Campanile Limoges Nord.

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More information about Limoges

The modern Limoges is pretty much far from its medieval version. That said, significant remnants of the time are still in full view such as the Abbey of St. Martial, the Cathedrale St-Etienne, and the Chateau de Chalusset to name a few. And with the River Vienne, once can be sure that there are great sceneries to behold, whether you are on the banks or marveling from a boat.

Limoges Hotels Compare

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