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La Rochelle Hotels
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La Rochelle has a number of attractions and annual events that attracts thousands of tourists each year. The Harbour Towers is a majestic architectural relic with a very picturesque profile especially at night. The “Vieux Port” (Old Harbour), which is mainly the heart of the city, is well preserved and its streets are lined up with seafood restaurants.

La Rochelle Hotels Compare

La Rochelle Hotels and Accommodation

With its location and the number of attractions the city provides, mixing style and history with a great coastal location, there is no wonder why many people come to La Rochelle for their holidays.

If you are planning to spend your vacation in this city, make sure you consult a hotel price comparison site and check out the hotels of La Rochelle.  If you do intend to go there during a festival, you better book way in advance too so you can have your reservations in one the fine La Rochelle hotels.

La Rochelle Hotels Compare

Hôtel Saint Nicolas La Rochelle

hotel saint nicolasHôtel Saint Nicolas is located near the old port, entrenching the establishment right in the middle of La Rochelle’s very historical district. Just a few steps away from the Harbour Towers, one can also find a number of antique shops and fine restaurants.

The rooms are equipped with all the modern amenities and its support staff is ready 24 hours a day to serve their guests with unparalleled service. Rates start at €120.

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La Residence De France in La Rochelle

La residence de france la rochelle hotelLa Residence De France is situated just a few minutes away from the Old Town and the Old Harbor. If you are looking to feel the old La Rochelle atmosphere, all you have to do is step outside and explore.

This hotel has an outdoor swimming pool and each room is fitted with a kitchenette with a fridge and plates. Guests can also access the internet through their free WiFi. Rates start at €95.

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Hôtel De La Monnaie La Rochelle

hotel de la monnaie la rochelleHôtel De La Monnaie is another La Rochelle Hotels located right at the heart of the Old Town. The hotel guests are treated to an overlooking view over the Old Harbour. Each room has either a view of the Old courtyard or the bustling Old City.

If that won’t attract you, perhaps the fact that the building itself dates back to the 13th century will. Rates start at €98.

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Other Hotels in La Rochelle France

Other hotels of La Rochelle worth of note are the Best Western Masqhotel, the Mercure La Rochelle Vieux Port Sud, and the Appart’hôtel Archipel to name a few.

More information about La Rochelle

A flourishing seaport during the medieval times, La Rochelle was once a very essential bastion for the religious military orders, more importantly the Knights Templars because of the city was once the Templar’s largest base. La Rochelle’s ports housed the main body of the Templars’ fleet.

It was also the stage of the Hundred Years War where the French secured the control of the English Channel. Aside from the Hundred Years War, La Rochelle also became a theatre for other significant military and religious events, such as the Siege of La Rochelle, the Revolt of Soubise, and the Huguenot rebellions to mention a few.

Today, La Rochelle serves as the capital of the Charente-Maritime department. While wars are things from its past, some remnants still remain, mostly architecture. With its deep relations to maritime trading, it is not surprising that La Rochelle is feted as a major city for the boat-building industry.

If you’re driving down the west of France, another great destination is Poitiers, where you can find excellent Poitiers Hotels to stop over while visiting the famous  Futuroscope theme park, which is a great experience for all the family.

La Rochelle Hotels Compare