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The small town of Heviz in western Hungary is renowned throughout the world as the home of the world`s second-largest natural thermal lake.  Combined with its location amidst the beautiful rolling countryside and just a few miles from Lake Balaton, one of the largest lakes in Europe, the many excellent Heviz Hotels make the perfect place for a relaxing break.


Heviz Hotels and Accommodation

If money is no object then there is no doubt that you will enjoy the full spa experience at one of Heviz luxury thermal hotels such as the five-star Rogner Hotel in Heviz or the more reasonable four-star Danubius Resort Aqua Heviz, or the Naturmed Hotel Carbona Heviz.

If you`re looking for something more affordable than check out the popular Hotel Fit Heviz, just 300 m from the medicinal lake which has doubles for as little as £65/night or if you want total tranquillity then stay at just outside the main town at the exquisite Club Dobogomajor which has both  hotel rooms and holiday cottages and apartments.

For a total bargain, stay at the Fabits Panzio Es Vendeghas Heviz, where you will get a taste of Hungarian hospitality from the Fabit`s family, who can also arrange to take you at the Lake Balaton in their family sailing bought.  Fabits Panzio Studio apartments are available from just £26 a night.

Heviz Hotels and Spa


Things to Do in Heviz

It goes without saying that you can`t visit Heviz without swimming in the medicinal thermal Lake.  The lake is open all year round with the peak temperature of 38°C in summer and never falling below 22°C over the depth of winter.

The lake is actually a part of St Andra`s  Hospital and is renowned for its health benefits, particularly in treat in the treatment of rheumatological problems.  As well as its warmth, the benefits are said to derive from the lakes high mineral content and mild radio activity, which may sound a little worrying but the locals insist that it`s good for you.

The lake is very deep in most places saw most of visitors carry an inflatable ring or float with them so that they can just drift  around, relax and take in the scenery.  Floats can be purchased cheaply from many shops in town or rubber rings can be rented from inside the spa.


If you want a more modern thermal spa experience then many of the local hotels in Heviz have their own thermal pools that guests can enjoy, or if you`re hotel doesn`t have one then you can visit the Kehida thermal a few miles outside Heviz which is a great fun for families with indoor and outdoor pools, a water slide and a lazy river.

If you want a contrast to all the relaxation, why not get active.  There are numerous places in town to hire bicycles so that you can enjoy riding around the quiet lanes of the nearby countryside, and there are also other facilities in towns such as tennis courts and horse riding at the horse farm on Lotuszvirag  street.

There is also plenty to do in the surrounding area where you can visit the Egregy vineyards and sample the local wine or try out some water sports at Lake Balaton.

You can also combine a trip to Heviz with a trip to the capital city Budapest where you can visit the famous Szechenyi Bath Spa

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Where to Eat

There is no shortage of places to eat in Heviz, with many great value places to sample the local food.  Most restaurants have traditional Hungarian dishes but you can often also get good quality pizzas  if you`re not feeling so adventurous.  Try Magyar Csarda in the centre of town or Muscatli on Main Street near the blue church.

Also check out Cafe Hanga for a stylish place to sit and enjoy drinks in the evening, located just opposite the main car park on the main street.

When to visit Heviz

Thanks to its natural thermal spring, the medicinal lake can be enjoyed all year round even when the rest of the town is covered in thick snow.  However, the best time to visit is in late April or May when the harsh winter has well and truly ended, the sun is out and the spring flowers are in full bloom.

At this time of the year the local woods adjacent to the lake have an incredible green intensity that feels almost magical, fed by nutrient rich warm stream flowing from the lake.  Also, by going in spring you can enjoy the lake before too many lotus plant appear up from the lake bottom.

They are a species protected by Hungarian law saw the spa it allowed to cut them back, meaning that they come mid to late summer and the lake can become quite overgrown which is beautiful to look at but not so much fun to swim in.

You can also use hotels fairy to find Hungary Hotel Deals in the many other excellent destinations Hungary has to offer. Heviz is an easy drive from Budapest and also has its own airport with flights from around Europe and car hire.