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The rise of the tailor made holidays after Covid-19

Tailor made holidays after Covid-19

The travel and tourism industry have been among the first victims of the Covid-19 pandemic. Holiday makers in the UK and across the world had to cancel their holidays.

All types of holidays have been affected from short trips with in the UK, holidays abroad, cruises, safaris and island hoping, the holiday industry has been on its knees since the appearance of the pandemic.

Having absorbed the initial shock the travel and tourism industry has been adopting rapidly to the evolving worldwide conditions and the travel restrictions that most countries have introduced.

We all remember the massive boom in the 80s and 90s of the tourism industries in Spain and Portugal with the introduction of the charter airlines and later on with the rise of the low cost airlines.

Similarly, the tailor made holidays will see a massive increase this year as more and more travelers will opt for more hands on approach, choosing and designing their own holidays.

What are tailor made holidays?

The tailor made holidays quite often are also referred as bespoke holidays, which means made to individual order or custom-designed according to traveler’s needs, specifications and requirements. It is exactly the opposite of the package holidays and the mass tourism of the 90s.

What are the benefits of tailor made holidays?


Tailor made holiday’s offer a unique experience, the traveler can choose not only where and when to go on holidays but a lot more.

Taking in consideration the health and safety requirements of the pandemic, holiday makers can build a travel itinerary to minimize the risk of Covid-19 during their travels.

Can choose the means of transportation, flights, ferries, trains, etc. Can also hand pick where to stay, hotels, villas, mountain cabins. Choose excursions and less crowded tours and activities. The pace of the holiday is dictated by the individual needs and requirements of the traveler.

Whether the traveler wants to see the northen lights, take a tea with a geisha, float above Cappadocia in a balloon or photograph the Himalayan wild Yak, it’s all possible on a tailor-made holiday.

Also these days travelers focus a lot more on sustainability. They think a lot more about the impact of their travel on the environment and move towards carbon neutrality when they plan their holidays.

Are tailor made holidays expensive?

As a rule of thumb, they are a bit more expensive than package holidays but tailor made holidays always offer great value as they are designed with a specific budget in mind.

Having access to specialized tour operators, travel guides and local experts can really make the difference between a holiday of a life time and a less memorable experience.

Examples of tailor made holidays in the UK and abroad

Coasteering Holidays in the UK

In the UK we are very fortunate to have a very beautiful country side with many well maintained historical sites, castles, abbeys and ancient halls.

From hiking the Scottish Highlands to whisky tasting on the isle of Jura and from discovering Pembrokeshire in Wales to the coastal villages of Devon & Cornwall.

The choices are endless, you can mix and much a number of different activities to suite even the most demanding travelers.

Due to the pandemic it is highly advisable to contact in advance any distilleries, farmers markets, local festivals or community events and celebrations before visiting, as itineraries might have change due to local Covid-19 restrictions.

Self Driving & Campervan Holidays

Campervan the perfect tailor made vacation

This year more and more UK holiday makers are also opting for a campervan hire. This segment of the holiday industry has seen a 200% increase with in the last six months.

Hiring a campervan in France, Spain or Italy offers the opportunity to explore the continental Europe and at the same time keep travelers in a protective environment.

Sailing Holidays

Sailing holidays

Sailing holidays is another segment of the holiday industry who is going to benefit a lot this year.

Hiring a four or eight berth sailing yacht around the Mediterranean is becoming very popular and very cost effective as quite often it works out cheaper per person than going down the traditional route to book accommodation and transportation separately.

Mountain Hiking & Trekking Holidays

Mountain trekking

Mountain hiking and trekking holidays are another type of tailor made holidays for those who want to be close to the nature. Due to Covid-19 more and more people take a step back to reevaluate their approach on life and seek to rediscover the outdoors.

Mountains, rivers and gorges are high on the list of the adventurous and soul-searching explores.

Whether a traveler books a package or a tailor made holiday this summer, should always follow that local health and safety regulations.

Booking a holiday through an ABTA or an AITO member company can make a big difference if things go wrong and have to reschedule, cancel, or even in need of repatriation back to the UK.

At Hotels Fairy we have actually booked a tailor made holiday for the summer. We are planning to go mountain hiking in the South of Greece and to cross three gorges on the island of Crete. The well known Samaria gorge as well as the less known Diktamos gorge and Imbros gorge.

How to rent a car in Crete after Brexit

rent a car in crete

Recently we got an email from Emily, one of our readers who is planning a trip to Greece in the summer and she was very concerned with how a possible no deal Brexit might affect her holiday to Crete. Her main concern was, would she be able to rent a car in Crete with a UK driving license after Brexit?

So we send out our resident fairies to investigate. First stop at the DVLA in Swansea.

DVLA (UK Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency)

The current DVLA law states that any driver with a full valid UK driving licence, is permitted to drive in any country in the EU or EEA.

In order to drive in countries outside the EU the driver will also need to get an International Driving Permit (IDP).

However, after Brexit takes place (whenever that might be) things might change. Especially after a no deal Brexit, renting a car in Crete or anywhere in EU or EEA might be difficult without the International Driving Permit.

There are currently three different types of the International Driving Permits depending on the destination country that you are intending to drive abroad.

  • The IDP 1926, based on the 1926 Paris International Convention related to Motor Traffic (permit to drive in Liechtenstein).
  • The IDP 1949, based on the 1949 Geneva Convention on Road Traffic (permit to drive in Spain, Iceland, Malta and Cyprus).
  • The 2011 amended IDP, based on the 1968 Vienna Convention on Road Traffic (permit to drive in all other EU countries, plus Norway and Switzerland).

Are you planning to rent a car in Crete?

Imaging that you arrived at the airport on Crete and when you go to pick up your rental at the car hire desk you find out that your UK driver licence is not valid for driving in Greece.

Even if the car hire company takes pity on you and decides not to spoil your vacations and hands you over the car keys, you better think twice.

If you get pulled over by the Greek police most probably you will get a fine for driving without a valid licence.

In the unfortunate event of a car accident your travel insurance as well as your car insurance will not cover you. So why take the risk?

Head to your local Post Office

Before you land on the beautiful island of Crete for you dream vacations make sure that you first stop at your local post office and apply for the International Driving Permit. It only costs £5.50.

At the post office you will need to bring with you:

  • Your full valid UK driving licence (photo-card or the older paper licence)
  • A passport sized photograph
  • The £5.50 application fee (cash or debit / credit card)
  • Original valid passport as proof of identification, if presenting an older paper version UK licence.

As we mentioned above there are three different types of the IDP but you don’t need to worry about which one you need, just tell the clerk at the post office counter, the country (Greece) or countries that you are intending to drive during your holidays abroad and they will supply you with the correct type of IDP.

Providing that you have with you all the supporting documents that are mentioned above, you will get your IDP over the counter on the same day.

Your international driving permit will be valid for 1 to 3 years from the date it is issued, depending on the type required.

The IDP should not be confused with an International Driving Licence – a document that can easily be purchased online but is not an official certificate and it is not accepted globally.

Renting a car in Crete

Monza rent a car in crete

When you rent a car in Crete or when you driving around the island you must always have with you, your UK driving licence as well as the International Driving Permit. The IDP on its own will not be valid without presenting your UK driving licence.

Now if you are looking for a reliable car rental company to use on Crete, we are happy to recommend MONZA Rent A Car ( ) a local family run business with many year’s of experience and with a large fleet of new rentals to satisfy even the most demanding drivers.

We hope this article sheds some light on renting a car in Crete or anywhere else in Europe after Brexit.

A Fabulous Stag Party On A Tight Budget, We Have You Covered!

Wedding and a stag partyYour wedding? Or a wedding in the family or close friend circle? First of all, let’s start with congratulating you on your upcoming wedding, or a wedding of a loved one!

But before you or he walks down the aisle, one very important tradition to be followed is — to organize an amazing and to-be-remembered-for-years stag party for all the dapper cool dudes in your life.

It’s the perfect way to get together with all your bros and bid goodbye (Yes! It’s a definite toasting goodbye) to the young, carefree version of you i.e. the pre-married, bachelor self.

These (in)famous stag parties have been made more so by the movies and rumours – they project that these parties involve booze, doing sinful activities, more booze and spending a lot of money; much more than you intend to or may afford to spend.

Also, planning your own stag parties can seem like a headache when you want to have both a fabulous bachelor party and also not spend too much.

But doing both is quite possible and easy with the right amount of planning and effective research. And to top it all off, you can bid farewell to your single years in the backdrop of a picturesque and unbeatable destination. Let’s see where and how!


Now, there are umpteen places to visit all over the world but these certain locations in the UK, Europe as well as over the rest of the world are definite hot picks if you are planning to throw a stag party on a budget.

Stag Party On A Tight Budget in Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, Hungary

If you want to have an eventful and activity-filled stag weekend, Budapest is THE one for you! One British pound is equivalent to around 350 Hungarian forints and moneywise, Budapest is not at all expensive in matters of alcohol and food.

It’s famous for one of the best pub crawls and Hungarian liquor is quite strong so if you have to go for local brands, try Unicum and Palinka. Overall, have the time of your stag lives and keep out of trouble.

Stag Party On A Tight Budget in Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, Czech Republic

If you are on the lookout for some super crazy parties, delicious, sumptuous cuisines and famous ginger ale to wash it all down with, this place should definitely be on your bucket list.

Here, liquor like beer is dead cheap and there are plenty of bars and pubs for you to experience the sexy night life.

Fabulous Stag Party On A Tight Budget in London, England

London, England

Even though we may sound to be biased, we can’t help but admit that the capital city is the greatest city in the world. It’s a perfect place to be picked as your stag party weekend as its best described as a city that never sleeps.

There’s a wide range of choices that cater to your food and drink needs and a whole lot of select bars and pubs to make your night memorable! (or rather sloshed)

Manchester stag party on a budget

Manchester, England

If you and your pals are football crazy and also want top notch music party scenes to live on, this city is an absolute venue for your stag party weekend.

Walk down the most famous street in the UK (Coronation Street) while gulping down pints of Beer or challenge the to-be groom to a food VS man challenge at midnight.

Stag Party in Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand

As cliché it may sound, Bangkok offers to be the perfect, entertaining and cheap destination for your upcoming bachelor party.

Starting from the swankiest bars to crazy street food to upper class chilling with fine cigars and single malt, Bangkok has it all.

There are various themed bars and pubs making the night life experience nothing less than a lifetime achievement. And of course, there is lots of dancing and alcohol.

Fab Stag Party in Cancun, Mexico

Cancun, Mexico

The capital of Mexico boasts of clear blue seas, golden sands and is perfect for you and your squad if you are looking for a last weekend of madness before settling down to a lifetime of marital bliss.

Starting from spectacular night club sessions to all day scenes at the beach, getting wet, wild and even more is awaiting you at the Mexican Vegas.


Now, though we know bachelor parties are generally made up of booze, dancing, eating, more booze and partying till dawn, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it starts and ends there.

There can be a variety of activities and shows and sports and games that you can indulge in during the trip which makes it all the more memorable. Such as:

Stag Party competition

Drinks and Food Tasting

Well, if you are a foodie like us, we are sure this would interest you as you and your group can take part in food challenges or food trails beer tastings or brewery dinners or cocktail making sessions or visits of the vodka museum etc.

Hen party in london

Boat Cruising

No better way to see London’s Eye than cruising down the river side with a glass of wine in hand and the wind running through the hair as you take in the breath-taking view ahead. (Also, you can send selfies to be your wide to-be).



Similar to Zorbing, this is one of the most fun activities to take part in while you roll down in a giant transparent ball on your hands and knees struggling to gain balance as you keep falling making a complete fool out of yourself but laughing your hearts out.

Stag party with Sky-Diving


Before taking plunge into a whole new life ahead, you can definitely try out this once-in-a-lifetime sport looking at the world from up above and diving straight into air. (Sounds thrilling already right?)

Beach fun during Beach stug party

Beach Fun

If you are heading to a location by the sea, there’s no need to explain the umpteen types of activities you can take part in with your lads be it beach games or surfing or skiing or canoeing or pool partying or paragliding etc.

stag party

City Nights

If you are looking for some city entertainment on the cards, you can definitely go for comic stand up shows, bike tours, karaoke nights, rock music concerts, spas, belly dancing shows and even more.

So, with the location as well as the things you can do there sorted, all you need to do is get the flight tickets booked for your upcoming destination stag party.

Get all your lads together and embark on a weekend of booze, good food, fun activities, and even more. As we say, what happens in a bachelor party stays there with no discussions, explanations and secrets spilled henceforth.

Author Bio

John Tarr is the co-founder and CEO of Off-Limits Events Ltd. Starting from a small jet ski rental in Sheffield back in 1993, John has transformed his business into a dynamic multi-event and activity company. Apart from creating bespoke events for corporates, John also helps stag and hen groups organise parties through and


Athens Sightseeing: A Full Day Tour Of Athens

Akropolis by night

After visiting a number of European countries, all of them start to look pretty much the same right? Fortunately, that doesn’t apply to Athens. Athens is indeed a European country but it feels like it has been ‘spiced’ with many Middle Eastern colours and aromas.

Due to its geographical position, as well as the occupation from the Ottoman Empire for more than 400 years, have left Athens with a variety of cultural influences on landmarks and on it’s inhabitants.

Athens Kalimarmaro stadium

Athens besides the many archaeological sites has numerous beautiful seaside places where you can swim in the sea or just drink a cup of Greek coffee (like the locals do) and enjoy the views. Make sure you have more than one day to visit and explore all the hidden gems of the city.

Athens Metro

Best place to start your day tour of Athens is the Metro station of Acropolis. It is advisable to be there early in the morning to have a head start, as more tourists will be visiting later on and it will get crowded. Also you must remember that the Greek sun in the summer is really strong so make sure that you apply sun cream often and always have a bottle of water with you.

Walk the beautiful street of Dionysiou Areopageitou and buy yourself a ticket (20 Euros per person which applies for all the archaeological sites of Athens for 4 days). I could fill in at least ten pages with the facts and the history of Acropolis but this is neither the place nor the time to do so.

Always remember to support the campaign for returning the STOLEN artefacts of Parthenon, which are now located in the British Museum in London back to Greece, where they belong to.

So enjoy the beauty of Acropolis standing for more than 2000 years and wonder around it. Make sure you exit not from the typical exit, but from a downhill exit next to a small wooden kiosk that you will come across as you climb up the stairs. This way you will be able to see more sites and ancient constructions as well as an additional theatre.

Athens Archaeological Museum

Once you exit the site of Acropolis head the opposite way to the new museum of Acropolis, a construction that Greeks are really proud of since it was literally built upon ancient buildings but without causing any destruction to them. You will be able to see parts of them as you move though the Acropolis museum.

Exiting the museum of Acropolis and head left the same road you followed to go to Acropolis. Enjoy the weather and feel free to buy from the street vendors’ traditional artifacts and souvenirs which are actually in much better prices than the shops. Always try to support the local economy which really needs your help, especially these days!!!

Once you meet the first cafeterias’ with their tables outside you can go for a coffee to the roof gardens and admire the views of Acropolis.

Once you catch your breath continue and enter the ancient Agora from the small exit in front of the cafeterias with the same ticket that you bought in Acropolis. There are three must see places there among the many:

• The ancient temple that really looks like Acropolis.
• The old church with the unique pictures that were saved during the occupation from the Ottoman Empire (check out the Saints and Angels that their faces were removed by the occupants).
• The small museum which shows aspects of everyday life in Athens.

Exit the site from the main entrance and you are in Monastiraki area.

Day tour of Athens - Monastiraki

Warning!!!: As all the main tourist attractions around the world, the same rules apply in this area. Keep your bag zippers closed, leave no bags unattended and beware of your personal belongings in general. Pick pocketing is not a very common thing but not a very rare as well. Kindly decline any offers for sunglasses, perfumes or mobile phones since they will be 90 percent end in monkey business.

Monastiraki open flea market where you can shop various stuff

Shop around this area, you can find really good prices in leather and gold or buy some souvenirs for your friends back home. (Make sure you buy a hat for the rest of your vacations in Greece since the Greek sun is very strong. The area is ideal for taking pictures of locals restoring old furniture and buying antiques.

Hungry? I would suggest you head to the restaurant of Savvas with the amazing roof garden. It serves traditional Greek cuisine and the quality of the food is always very good, and of course you can stare (guess what???) Acropolis!

From there you can head to the Athens central meat & fish market called “Varvakios” to take some photos. Avoid it if you don’t have a strong stomach, watching hanged meats and the heavy smells might not be for everyone! The whole area is really popular for buying traditional products.

Head back to Ermou street (if you don’t know which one it is, simply ask an Athenian. The majority of the Greeks speak English and usually are very helpful with tourists.

Ermou street is the road with all the big brand names stores and you can always buy designer clothes or anything else you might need. Head up towards Syntagma square. On your way visit the small church (Kapnikarea) in the middle of the street.

It is estimated that the church was built some time in the 11th century, perhaps around 1050. As it was common with the early Christian churches, this was built over an ancient Greek pagan temple dedicated to the worship of a goddess, possibly Athena or Demeter. You can walk into it and light a small candle like Orthodox people do.

Efzonas on Syntagma sq in Athens

Reaching Syntagma square you will see the Greek parliament and the national guards called Efzones. They wear their traditional skirt (which has 400 foldings, one for each year of occupation under the Ottoman Empire).

Take some photos and walk until the national Library and Academy. Two amazing buildings built like the ancient Greek ones. Once you are done continue on to the Omonoia street where you need to ask the way to the National Museum which is just five minutes by foot.

The national Archeological museem of AthensThe National Museum even though it is last on the list, it is for me the most important sight of Athens. Make sure you do not miss it. It hosts an amazing collection of masterpieces of art of the ancient Greece.

Statues more than 5000 years old, jewels of the Macedonian family of Alexander, and the famous Machine of Antikythera.

That is a full a day tour of Athens, where you can cover all the main tourist attractions.

If you feel that your feet can still do some extra walk, you can always add one of the following sights to your tour. Plaka, Kallimarmaron, the National Garden, Zapeio, Likavitos and Glyfada area.

But my suggestion is to visit those places another day so you can take your time and enjoy them like they deserve to.

Spyros Skouris profile photoAbout the author

Spyros Skouris the author of the article “A full day tour of Athens” can help you arrange your dream vacations on your visit to Athens in Greece.

He also owns an apartment in Athens which is available to rent on Airbnb.

Vital information You Need to Know Before Travelling to the US

Need to Know Before Travelling to the US 2015One of the worst things you can do is to realize you have left out something or forgotten an important detail just before you board a plane to the United States.

Travelling today is a little bit technical due to issues of global terrorism, changing weather patterns and country specific restrictions that have to be adhered to.

To travel safely and comfortably, has compiled a brief guide with the most important things you need to know before travelling to the US.

So here are a few things you might want to check out.

Delays could happen

Remember if you are travelling in winter snow storms could bring about cancellations and delays across the main airline hubs within the US. Before travelling, you might want to contact your airline or travel company to prepare accordingly. You can also monitor the US airport conditions online, such as through the Federal Aviation Administration site.

Do not forget that the US hurricane season usually begins from June all the way to November and it is capable of affecting the coastal regions of the United States.

Medical Cover

Almost 4 million people from Britain visit the US annually and while the visits are usually without any trouble, you might want to get yourself a comprehensive medical and travel cover before travelling. This is very important because anything could happen while in the New World.

Valid travel documents and detailsNew York city 2015

Before you travel to the United States ensure that your passport, Visa or any other travelling document is valid and has not expired. If you are from the UK and other 37 Visa Waiver countries you can easily enter the United States without a valid US visa for three months or 90 days.

The Visa Waiver Program allows you to visit the US for tourism or business reasons and you do not have to wait until a valid visa has been granted. However, as one of the citizens in the Visa Waiver countries you need to apply for ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorisation) to be allowed to enter the country.

Citizens of other countries outside the Visa Waiver nations must apply for valid US visa to be allowed entry.

 Travellers from risky regions

It is worth noting that travellers arriving from countries affected by Ebola in West Africa, particularly Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea should arrive at any of the five main airports so that they can undergo proper health screening. While this can change, it is always important to clarify and counter check before you travel.


Car hire

If you are planning to hire a car in the US to save time and money that you could have used in public transport and taxis, make the arrangements before you board the plane. Renting a car prior to travelling can help you save money and time, especially if done online due to immense deals offered to travellers.

Specific requirements

If you have unique requirements that might complicate your travelling or your health it is important to notify the airline as soon as possible. This could save you a lot of trouble as well as incurring losses while in America, which you could have avoided with a little planning.

Above all, you might want to remain as safe as you can and observe caution. Even in a great country like the US something negative could happen at any moment as history has shown.

america capitol washington dc

What Every Girl Needs to Pack for Traveling Abroad

travelling sing hotels fairyTraveling has always been a part of humanity since the dawn of time, an incredible experience and extremely safe as long as you are aware of the traditions and cultures of your destination.

Many travelers have crossed continents and oceans with the bare minimum for their travels, stocking up on essentials as they go along. It makes sense to travel light but what do you pack when you traveling abroad?

There are many travel guides that tackle this issue, what you should take with you and what you should live behind. However, when a girl is travelling the world unlike the guys she has to be really careful and take some time to pack well.

The following is a list of things every girl should pack when it comes to traveling abroad.

Pashmina/Sarong (Any huge scarf or wrap lives up to expectations here)-This is an absolute must have item when traveling abroad since it has a variety of uses:

  • If you happen to visit a Muslim nation or a mosque, you’ll need to cover your hair.
  • If it’s chilly outside or on a plane/train use it as a cover.
  • If you come across a shoreline and need to sit or lie on the sand park yourself on it.
  • Sometimes you’ll enter a conservative setting where you just have to cover up. You can use the wrap to cover your arms, midsection and back if required.

Tights and Leggings-They are elegant and comfortable amidst occupying a small space. If it’s chilly, include a layer. If it’s hot, haul them up to your knees.

Shades-Early morning visits prompt tired eyes and there might not be time for cosmetics. Spare time by taking negligible eye cosmetics and put on your shades for the photographs. Shades will also help you to take appealing and wonderful photographs.

What Every Girl Needs to Pack when traveling abroad

Colorful dresses-Packing one or a couple of colorful dresses is very important. They’re perfect as night outfits and cover-up by the beach just in case bikini’s only is not allowed. Choose a material that does not wrinkle a lot such as cotton and one you are comfortable adorning at a sandy beach.

Sleeves vital-If you are thinking about packing sleeveless shirts only, perhaps because you know you are visiting a hot country, you might want to think again. Also, once you have left your country respecting other cultures, religious behavior and traditional villages is very important such as covering up the shoulders in a Muslim country.

Booties/Flat boots-Traveling generally implies much strolling and touring. Subsequently, the best thing to combine with your tights and leggings are obviously comfortable boots.

What Every Girl Needs to Pack for a Trip Abroad Hotels fairy

Shoulder pack/Cross body-Cling on to your packs firmly to abstain from getting pick pocketed. The rovers in Europe will do the great to get their hands in your wallet. Verify that your bag is constantly secure and in sight.

Natural Tea-You never know when you may feel a bit under the climate or have a stomach upset. It’s generally shrewd to have a couple of packs of your most loved natural tea so as to simply add hot water and drink when need be.

Protein bars/Granola-Sometimes you may not appreciate the food accessible at your destination regardless of how receptive you may be. It’s generally astute to have some protein bars and you just might ensure you do not starve in a foreign country with weird delicacies.

Travel size tissues-You may experience new bathrooms abroad, particularly in Asia and the Middle East. The utilization of tissue might be science fiction and dirty, at least to them. Ensure you have abstained from hosing down in the open restrooms by keeping a pack of tissues handy at all times.

Girl Needs to Pack for a Trip Abroad

Open your eyes-Pay attention to your surroundings, particularly when traveling abroad alone. Scout how ladies dress, convey their satchels and in addition how they keep their hair. Attempt your best to copy their look to maintain avoid undesirable consideration from the others. The most secure thing to do is to attempt and mix in with local people. Carry yourself like the local ladies for your own security.

Know before you go– No matter where you are travelling, whether you had been there before or not you must do some research about the territory and any other change, political or otherwise that has taken place there. It’s also a sign of shrewdness to acquaint yourself with the laws of your travel destination before commencing with your excursion. Verify to avoid contravening any law.

You will always travel alongside numerous ladies around the world and it is always fun and very heartwarming. Being mindful is important, but you cannot let consternation keep you from seeing the huge number of excellent places, geography, cultures and people that adorn our beautiful world. Plan, prepare and pack wisely and keenly.

A world traveler has a trip ruined by worn passport


trip ruined by worn passport

The passport protector

Last summer Patrick Dichter had a two week trip to Europe ruined when his passport was denied for ‘wear and tear.’

As he was boarding the plane to Rome, an airline employee stopped him claiming the company could face a fine if immigration didn’t approve of his passport. Four days and $2500 later, Patrick salvaged the trip with new documentation.

After his travel nightmare, he created a solution for other travelers – a hardcore passport case.

The passport protector

The passport protector

The Passport Protector is the first of is kind with sleek design that is water proof and impact resistant.

The body is a hard ABS plastic and the top is made of a silicone blend to safely hold a traveler’s most important document and other small items such as cash, tickets, and credit cards.

After nine months of prototyping and design, the inventor has released a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to presell to early fans and raise funds for manufacturing. Backers can purchase before June 9th.

Patrick remains passionate about travel and has decided to add a charity element, donating a portion of sales from each unit sold to study abroad scholarships.

“Our slogan is ‘ensuring worldwide travel’ meaning you’re ensured your passport won’t be denied, and ensuring more people get the opportunity to go abroad,” Patrick says.

trip ruined by worn passport

The passport protector

In the first two weeks of the campaign, The Passport Protector has met great success from customers as well as support from the press in travel, universities and gear review sites.

About The Passport Protector LLC: The Passport Protector is a consumer product company based in Columbus, Ohio. Founded in 2013, The Passport Protector has designed and produced a patent pending case for passports and international travel born out of necessity.

The company also donates a percentage of sales to study abroad scholarships and has elected to crowdfund initial sales through platform Indiegogo.

At we really like the Passport Protector and we are supporting Patrick’s project.

If you like it too, please support Patrick’s crowdfunding campaign at There are only six days left to raise the necessary funds to get the Passport Protector into production and world wide distribution.