Happy New Year from Hotels-fairy.com

Get the best Happy New Year hotel deals from Hotels-Fairy.com. River Festival Brisbane Fireworks
Brisbane River Festival

At Hotels-Fairy.com we would like to wish Happy New Year to all our fans, followers and subscribers on Facebook as well as on the other social media.

The Fairies are back in the office after the festive holiday season, and what a holiday season has been!!

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Top 5 Countries to Study Abroad

China countries to study abroad

Studying abroad can be a rewarding experience. Not only do you learn in a different environment, but you also get to absorb – often centuries old – cultures when studying abroad. Many universities encourage students to study abroad. Some schools even make it a requirement for certain degree programs.

Aside from broadening your horizons, studying abroad also makes you more appealing to employers. Many companies operate on a global level and seek employees with some level of international education experience. Once you determine that you will be studying abroad, the next step is to choose your destination.

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West Coast to East Coast On A Budget


West Coast to East Coast On A Budget - Sanfrancisco

You’ve probably heard people say, “If you really want to see the country, then do it by road because you miss it all if you fly”, or something along those lines.

So we decided to see it by road. We agreed to take a road trip from the West Coast of the United States, to the East Coast where the sea is warmer down in Florida where we were headed than it is around the Bay Area of San Francisco.

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Don`t get struck down on your holiday

kids happy on holiday
Kids happy on holiday - Don`t get struck down on your holiday
Happy kids on holiday

Holidays don’t come around all that often, so it’s important to make the most of them when they do. However, this is easier said than done if you’re constantly getting struck down by the multitude of illnesses that you can catch while abroad. You can avoid wasting even a single day of your holiday through illness, though, just by taking some simple steps to avoid it.

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Dream holiday destinations close to home

TTenerife a dream holiday destinations he best honeymoon spots in and around the Mediterranean

Your honeymoon is the holiday of a lifetime; and with the warm glow of a wedding, many couples barely even notice where they are, they’re so happy!

Still, for many, that doesn’t mean that newlyweds wish to spend their first holidays together under a tent.

Overseas tourism is, nonetheless, one of the sectors which has suffered during the recession, with many travelers opting to stay closer to home, or not go on holiday at all. And when it comes to a honeymoon, there are ways to make it an unforgettable break – and still feel like you’ve got enough of that wedding money left to get settled at home when you get back.

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