6 Features Every Hotel Should Have

What every hotel should have
Armonia Bay Hotel – Image by champikal

Sadly, all hotels are not created equally, and if you look at any reviews online, you’re quickly going to find out that some are going to be the best thing ever while others you would not even stay for free. Have you ever thought of what every hotel should have?

While the Internet has made hotel hunting a lot easier, there are some things that you should still look out for when making a reservation, and while the hotel can have amazing reviews, what happens if they don’t have the amenities that you need?  With that being said, I have compiled a list of six things that every hotel should have when you’re ready to make your booking.

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The World’s Most Expensive Apartments


Shopping for property can be a lot of fun especially if you have an unlimited budget. When it comes to luxury property the architecture, features and amenities can be truly incredible and ensure that the occupants of these developments enjoy the best possible living experience.

Whether it’s the luxurious finishes you’re after, the breathtaking views or simply the prestigious address, luxury living offers all of these. We take a look at the most expensive apartments in the world to see what exactly makes them more luxurious than any of the incredible luxury property for sale in Pimlico.

World’s Most Expensive Apartments at time warner center New York
Time Warner Center

• 78th Floor Penthouse Time Warner Centre, New York City

When the penthouse of Manhattan’s Time Warner Centre sold for $37.5million in 2008 (despite its listing at $65million), it made records as Manhattan’s biggest apartment sale.

The master bedroom alone feature his and hers dressing rooms and separate bathrooms, an office and a personal gym, as well as an additional four bedrooms.

The dining room boasts arresting views of the Hudson River, while the red lacquered library-cum-office ensures attention is kept to the interior.

The living room is an incredible 41 feet in length and has floor to ceiling windows, there is a screening room, and the fully fitted kitchen also boasts a pantry and full laundry area.

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Finding the Best Value Hotel

Best Value Hotel - Booking online
Image by HASLOO

The advent of the internet has indubitably brought with it the opportunity for savvy shoppers to get their hands on exceptional holiday and hotel deals from time to time. The only real problem is that with the number of travel sites increasing on an almost daily basis – there are so many options that finding the best deal can be incredibly time consuming.

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Five Tips For Saving on Vacation Lodging

 Tips For Saving on Vacation LodgingOver the river and through the woods, many travelers will travel for the holidays. While travelers can expect prices to be up about four percent this year over last, there are ways to save money on the trip.

Decide on the destination ahead of time

Rather, one travels are across the grand, old Mississippi or Tongass National Forest, the first method of saving money is to decide where the traveler plans on staying way ahead of time. This allows the traveler plenty of time to research their options less expensive rates can be found.

Look at all the travel websites and the hotel website itself. Furthermore, look at the auction sites and social media sites. Call the tourist bureau of the city the traveler plans to stay in and ask them for information. Often, they have a book that they can send the traveler with deep discounts.

Try to book at a refundable website. Join lodging email lists, which often offer deep discounts to their members. Look for discounts offered by employers. By starting ahead of time, the traveler will have time to explore traveling options.

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10 Best Asian Hotels That You Must Know About

If you are planning to visit Asia and see how Asian travel seems like, then you must know about the best Asian hotels. Asia is the hub of tourism as it has got so much natural beauty but along with that, there are great luxury hotels as well where you can stay.

In this article, you will find information about 10 best hotels that you can visit during Asian travel where you can stay. One thing that you must know about Asia is the hospitality of people. People are friendly here and they really care about the tourists visiting their country.

The Best Asian Hotels - Boutique Hotel CambodiaBoutique Hotel in Kep Knai Bang Chatt, Kep, Cambodia – During asian travel if you are visiting Cambodia’s famous Angkor Wat Temples then the best place to stay is the Boutique Hotel in Kep, Knai Bang Chatt. This hotel has only 11 cooling rooms spreading over three villas. You will have best experience of your life.

Alila Villas Uluwatu, Indonesia – Some hotels are so good looking that it becomes impossible for you to look them over. This is the beauty of asian travel that you will not be able to take your eyes off from beautiful hotels as well.

Satri House, Luang Prabang, Laos – Looking for IndoChine touch in your asian travel? Well, Satri hotel will give you the same delight that you are looking for. Living in this hotel is just like living like a ruler in your fort.

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How To Book A Cheap Florida Villa

How To Book A Cheap Florida Villa
Image by Ocean Florida

Florida holidays are everything they’re cracked up to be and so much more. From the theme park magic of Orlando to lazing on the best beaches in the world, Florida holidays can be anything you want them to be.

In addition to choosing a custom-made Florida itinerary to suit your budget and travel style, the best part of the trip is sinking in to a luxurious tropical accommodation.

Hotels are always fun, however when you want to treat yourself to something special, the Florida villas are the only way to go.

Where Are the Florida Villas?

Florida villas are located throughout The Sunshine State in the best neighbourhoods with easy access to everywhere you want to be. Take a seaside Florida villa for the ultimate in beach front living or settle in to an up scale suburban neighbourhood in the heart of fabulous Orlando.

Getting started is a snap with a full line of Florida villa inventory on-line to browse and find your dream home.

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