What comes first, the gap year or the job?

gap year

Let’s be honest how many people really care whether the chicken or the egg came first? On the other hand deciding whether to take a gap year or go straight into work is a very important question. It is a debate well worth having, particularly now when you have just or are just about to graduate from University.

To try and help you make this very important decision I have laid out each side of the argument as best as I can.

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Independence Day in Orlando Florida

The national day of independence, as you know, celebrates the United States independence from the British Empire and although this is a yearly celebration for Americans, if you are travelling to America and happen to find yourself there on the fourth of July, you will want too get the very best experience possible.

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Moving To And Settling In Ecuador

Many people choose to retire or relocate to Ecuador because of the comparatively inexpensive cost of living and the beauty of the country. Settling in Ecuador is not difficult at all.

Settling In Ecuador - Fun and games in the Ecuadorian capital, Quito
Fun games, Ecuadorian capital, Quito

Still, there are quite a few differences that will take some getting used to. Your daily life will be fairly different in Ecuador than in your home country, with even small things like grocery shopping requiring a certain amount of flexibility.

Ecuador has a spectacular variety of fruits and vegetables that can be bought cheaply at any of the local markets that dot the streets of cities and towns.

Fresh local produce and meat are always available, and you can expect a weekly budget for a couple to be around $50.

Of course, if you are homesick and have a craving for a certain food that isn’t part of the local cuisine, you’ll have to find a supermarket.  There are several chains of supermarkets, each selling a varying amount of non-Ecuadorian foods.  Supermaxi generally has the largest selection of specialty items.

Settling In Ecuador - Buy from the local farmers

Ecuador is still a cash economy, so when shopping from individual vendors you can often only pay in cash, or will receive a better deal if you pay in cash.

In fact, prices are very fluid in Ecuador outside of supermarkets, and normally translate to what the seller thinks he can get from you.  For that reason, if you intend to make any big purchases, it helps to have an Ecuadorian friend come along to make sure you get a better deal.

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