As a groom-to-be leaves behind life as a single man, makinghis last weekend as a bachelor a memorable one is top priority.What better way to accomplish this then with an unforgettable getaway to one of the most spectacular bachelor destinations in the world.

The bachelor and his mates will have the time of their life at one of these top stag weekend destinations. Whether preferring a beach setting, a southern European villa, an Asian adventure or a ‘Sin City’ good time, bachelors will find the perfect stag weekend at these locations.

Las Vegas


Las Vegas Strip – Image by http2007

Sin City is the classic choice for this weekend of good times. This 24 hour town will keep a stag and his closest companions entertained day and night. Las Vegas boasts top of the line 4 and 5 star hotels, fine dining, entertainment and poolside lounges. Click here to read more »