Enjoying Crete the Local Way

For most of us, Greece is a buzz-word that signifies expensive holidays of lying on the beach, picking up a tan and returning home only to recharge the wallets that went empty trying to recharge your batteries. However, holidays to Crete, Greece’s largest island, aren’t just about the tourist-spots and lying on the beach to catch some rays. There are plenty of things to do on this fantastic island, many of which might even change your opinion about these islands.

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Crete on a Budget: Hotels and Apartments


A massively tourist-infested island, Crete is the largest island in the Greek archipelago and is also the fifth largest island in the Mediterranean. With a local population of over 600,000, Crete can seem pretty crowded as compared to the smaller islands, but when it comes to the actual crowd, you will find the tourists creating most of the commotion. Crete on a budget or not will never disappoint you.

The beaches of this fantastic island are covered from head-to-toe, during the holiday season and finding something cheap in this tourist-devouring place might be hard.

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Best Party Destinations in Europe

From June to August party people fly around Europe to catch the best parties of the season. There are many destinations but we tried to pick out the best ones for you, from beach parties to high class clubs. These are the top party destinations in Europe.

Best Party Destinations in Europe - Côte d’Azur-italy
Côte d’Azur – Image by PKirillov

Côte d’Azur, is the place for high class entertainment and parties that never end. The worlds jet-set and amazingly rich people arrive to Monaco or St. Tropez with their huge yachts.

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