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Unique ways to fund your dream holiday

Remember that island vacation you always wanted to take to the Caribbean? What about that holiday to France to see the Eiffel Tower, or that trip to South America to see the Amazon? Saving money for your dream vacation may seem impossible when you spend so much of your monthly pay check on rent, groceries, and utility bills.

Don’t put your holiday on hold indefinitely; start thinking outside the box. Try these unique moneymaking strategies to help fund your dream getaway: Click here to read more »

The Best Cities to Visit in Scandinavia

Scandinavia is a land of great beauty and vivid history. It is a land of snow and ice. It has months full of sunshine and other months full of nighttime beauty filled with the gorgeous Northern Lights. People come to see the stark beauty of the land and the steep cliffs by the sea and to discover the friendly and generous culture that welcomes strangers and makes them feel like they are in a friend’s home.

Scandinavia includes several countries, most notably, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Iceland. The most popular and largest cities to visit in each of these countries happen to be the capitals of each. Click here to read more »

Best Of the South West – Our Guide to the Perfect Staycation

It is set to be a big year for the UK with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee approaching and the Olympic Games arriving on our own front doorstep. So why not get involved in the party atmosphere this summer and stay at home for your summer holiday.

Not only will you be able to feel connected to of all of the excitement, but you will be sure to save yourself a few pennies as well. There is so much that our little green Isle has to offer and it may be waiting for you just around the corner.

Here is our guide to the perfect staycation in the South West that will put you a step ahead of the rest. We think the perfect staycation needs to involve a little bit of everything – time outdoors enjoying nature, visits to historical sites, a little flavour of art and culture, fantastic food and a little bit of indulgence too. You are on holiday after all! Click here to read more »

Italy’s Secret Romance

Italy Secret Romance

Italy – Image by PKirillov

Italy is a wonderfully romantic country, but it often gets mired in stereotypes. People expect a certain image from Italy. While Italy fits some aspects of this image, the country itself has so much more to offer. There are many boutique hotels and natural cuisine restaurants that will entirely change your image of this beautiful country. Try seeing the secret romance behind Italy for a truly breathtaking experience. Click here to read more »

The World’s Best Street Art

Street art embodies an ephemeral quality that is there one instant and gone the next. Some of the most well-known street art pieces are taken down because they are on private property, but there are several cities around the world that are known for having great street art.

You often have to look around alleys and hidden streets to find it, because no one wants to get caught. But, if you catch a glimpse of an graffiti masterpiece, then you will feel the magic brimming inside you. Click here to read more »

Timeshare rentals on your Holidays

Timeshare rentals on your Holidays

Timeshare Property – Image by nancyarora2020

The concept of timeshare rentals is relatively unknown amongst people who take regular holidays every year. Spending thousands of dollars on hotels is quite common and people do that, every year, without thinking twice. Instead, if you invest it into a timeshare rental property, you get to enjoy all the benefits of a hotel, at cheaper costs, and with the same freedom and independence that your home brings to you. Click here to read more »

Top 5 Things To Do In Slovenia

There are many things to do in Slovenia, but if you aren’t from around the area then you won’t know where to start. This list will show you five great places you can go to for fun and entertainment. These places are scattered about Slovenia, so you will have fun going around the entire country, seeing the sights and people. Click here to read more »