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9 Strangest things that Passengers have tried to carry on board

9 Strangest things that Passengers have tried to carry on board

Best Undiscovered Cities in Eastern Europe

It seems that the same destinations in Europe are visited over and over again. When someone plans a trip to Europe, the country names Spain, Italy, Germany and France are usually spoken when they explain their travel itinerary. But, there are a number of fantastic destinations that are off the beaten path in eastern Europe that provide insight into rich culture and history.

A number of these places are under-visited because it takes additional work to get to them, but they deserve the extra effort it takes. Click here to read more »

Share Quality Time on your Holidays

Quality Time on your Holidays at luxury cruise ship

Cruise – Image by Edward Roberts Jr

One of the most relaxing and diverse holiday options comes in the shape of a delightful cruise through the beautiful Mediterranean region. A perfect way for the entire family to indulge themselves in a variety of activities, or for single people, especially women, to meet like-minded individuals, a cruise combines every single aspect of food, entertainment, exercise or leisure that needs your special attention. Click here to read more »

Four uplifting holidays for women

Holidays for women?? It’s all too easy to keep pushing your own needs down your to-do list – we grow up learning to ignore signals that we need time to ourselves, and to just “get on”, instead, with work, the kids, self-improvement, home-improvement… but too much ignoring yourself leads to stress, and sometimes depression.

A holiday might seem self-indulgent, but a break doing exactly what you want gives you time to rest and think. It can also help with depression , relieve stress, and make your daily life considerably easier to deal with in the long run.

Uplifting holidays for women

Click here to read more »

Paris Hangouts for Foodies


Paris – Image by Moyan_Brenn

Tons of people go to Paris for food, but few really look for those best restaurants that can please the palate like no other. If you adore food and want to taste some of the best cuisine in the world, then you need to check out these restaurants. Each one is fairly expensive, so make sure you have a good amount of money on you. However, if you really want to taste authentic French food, then the price shouldn’t scare you. Click here to read more »

Spa Holidays in Austria

Many people take a holiday to relax and get away from it all, and few vacations are as relaxing as those that are spent at a spa resort. Austria has long been the destination of choice for travelers who are looking for a decadent spa experience. That’s probably because the people who design spas in the country have made it their business to provide singular experiences in luxurious surroundings.

Many spas in Austria excel at giving guests treatments that are unique, innovative and stimulating. Spending a few days at one of these resorts may be enough to transform your outlook on life. Click here to read more »

5 Easy Ways To Keep Your Cameras Safe Whilst On Holiday

Keep Your Cameras Safe

Cameras – Image by rachel a. k.

Cameras, and now digital cameras have become an essential part of the holiday experience. But due to their cost they are often a target for thieves when you are travelling overseas. If this sounds alarmist to you, and you are the trusting sort who rarely bothers to protect themselves against theft; you should know that an article from 2010 estimated that in 5 years Britons were robbed of 1.7 Billion Pounds, whilst on holidays abroad. Click here to read more »