Timeshare rentals on your Holidays

Timeshare Property – Image by nancyarora2020

The concept of timeshare rentals is relatively unknown amongst people who take regular holidays every year. Spending thousands of dollars on hotels is quite common and people do that, every year, without thinking twice. Instead, if you invest it into a timeshare rental property, you get to enjoy all the benefits of a hotel, at cheaper costs, and with the same freedom and independence that your home brings to you.

So, what is a timeshare property? Effectively, it is a kind of real estate deal wherein you get the opportunity to use or partially own a particular piece of property for a particular period of time throughout the year. This is different from regular ownership in that there are many people who own the property and each owner is given a share of the time that they can spend at the property.

The Origin of the Timeshare Concept

The concept originated in the 1960s, when Hapimag, a company that developed ski resorts, realized that they were having problems in finding new customers for their resorts.

They took the concept of timeshare from coffee shops where cakes were sold by the slice simply because people couldn’t eat an entire cake at one go. As a result, the part-ownership concept came about wherein you would actually own a part of the property that you can use at a particular time of the year, every year. It also led to the “right to use” concept, where you will not own any part of the property and will, instead, only be leasing it for that time.

Advantages of Timeshare Properties

real-estate-property-2Timeshare homes come fully furnished and completely developed. You can simply start living in the property for a particular period of time, every year. Some people claim that the inability to choose your own furnishings makes it harder to look at timeshare rental properties as your own, but the fact is, you can get any kind of place that your budget can afford.

Keep looking around until you find something and this way, you ensure that you get what you want, without worrying too much about what has to be bought for which room.

If you are taking your entire family out for a vacation, imagine not having to worry about peak tourist seasons or crowded hotel pools because you already have something waiting there for your family to come in and occupy.

Effectively, you end up paying less, per night, for your stay and also get up to four bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens and everything else that a house may provide. Compare that to the single room you get in a hotel and the lobby that you have to share with everyone, and things are already looking up.

If you have the kind of money that comes with travelling to exotic locations, you can always hire a local chef to cook all the region’s delights in your very own kitchen.

If, however, you are travelling on a budget, then using some of the local produce to create your own home-cooked meal is a fantastic way of spending time with your family as well as saving a bit of money for those budget vacations.

Many people think that the concept of buying a holiday vacation home, for the family, is something for the rich and affluent. However, with popular resorts like Hilton and Marriott giving out their properties on timeshare and at prices that anyone can afford, it is just incredible what you can do with your holidays.

About the Author

Anna works as a freelance travel writer for some of the biggest names in the industry. Her primary job description has been to work as a ghost-writer for the blogs of many popular travel show hosts & personalities and it is this pursuit that has led her into the world of timeshare rental properties.

Going out there herself to experience this phenomenon herself, first-hand, has given Anna the dough she needs to understand how much more interesting these forms of vacations are as compared to the regular holidays.