Remember that island vacation you always wanted to take to the Caribbean? What about that holiday to France to see the Eiffel Tower, or that trip to South America to see the Amazon? Saving money for your dream vacation may seem impossible when you spend so much of your monthly pay check on rent, groceries, and utility bills.

Don’t put your holiday on hold indefinitely; start thinking outside the box. Try these unique moneymaking strategies to help fund your dream getaway:


Beach – Image by shazwan

1)     Sell Back Your Stuff

Have a stack of romantic comedies stashed in your closet? A collection of formal gowns you know you’ll never wear again? Instead of keeping these unwanted items around just for the memories, sell them back to add some quick cash to your travel fund.

Sell unwanted dvds, cds, and games back to a pawn shop, get rid of old textbooks by mailing them in to Amazon, and pop into the local thrift store to trade in last year’s fashions. Hold a garage sale or post ads on Craigslist for miscellaneous items such as furniture, kitchenware, and knick knacks.

Garage sale is a way fund your dream holiday

Garage Sale – Image by John Beagle

2)     Babysit

Parents are always looking to hire babysitters so they can spend a few coveted hours away from the stress and responsibility that comes with having a family. Offer to babysit for relatives or friends with kids so they can enjoy a night on the town. They’ll love you for offering to help them out, and you’ll love them for putting you one pay check closer toward booking your dream vacation. Don’t know anyone with kids? Offer to dog walk or dog sit.

3)     Voice Your Opinion

No opinion is more valuable to a company than that of a consumer. That’s why thousands of companies organize focus groups and online surveys every day to get consumer feedback on their latest products. You can receive compensation for just a few hours of participation in these focus groups and online surveys. Get in touch with local universities and museums to see if they have focus group opportunities—or browse survey sites online.

customer-survey4)     Become a Test Subject

Research centres and universities are always looking for subjects to participate in their latest studies and experiments. Some studies are as simple as spending a few hours answering questions or taking brief tests, while others extend a few days to several weeks in order to test new drugs or therapies.

Look for ads in your local newspaper or call research centres and universities directly. Just make sure you have a clear idea of what you’ll be doing before you agree to participate.

5)     Tutor

Do you have a knack for foreign languages? Are you tech savvy? Have a way with words? Put your smarts to use by tutoring in your time off.  Prospective tutees range from university students desperate to pass that final exam to adult learners taking on a new subject.

Finding your first students may be as simple as spreading the word to family, friends, and co-workers; if you don’t get any takers, try offering your services on Craigslist.


TUtor – Image by cityyear

6)     Sell Your Photos

If you’ve got an eye for photography, you may be able to earn some extra cash by submitting your images to a stock photo agency.  If your photos are selected, you’ll earn a portion of the sale each time a subscriber downloads—and pays for—your photo. Keep stock photo agencies in mind as a way to recoup some money after your vacation, too: you’ll definitely have plenty of memorable images to share!