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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Hawaii

what to know about Hawaii Honolulu

The American State of Hawaii is a dream tourist and holiday spot for most travel enthusiasts. It is well known for its diverse scenery, public beaches, oceanic surroundings, volcanoes and warm tropical climates.

Still, there are other interesting facts about Hawaii that most travelers do not know of. Some of them are revealed below: Click here to read more »

Best Undiscovered Cities in Eastern Europe

It seems that the same destinations in Europe are visited over and over again. When someone plans a trip to Europe, the country names Spain, Italy, Germany and France are usually spoken when they explain their travel itinerary. But, there are a number of fantastic destinations that are off the beaten path in eastern Europe that provide insight into rich culture and history.

A number of these places are under-visited because it takes additional work to get to them, but they deserve the extra effort it takes. Click here to read more »

The World’s Best Street Art

Street art embodies an ephemeral quality that is there one instant and gone the next. Some of the most well-known street art pieces are taken down because they are on private property, but there are several cities around the world that are known for having great street art.

You often have to look around alleys and hidden streets to find it, because no one wants to get caught. But, if you catch a glimpse of an graffiti masterpiece, then you will feel the magic brimming inside you. Click here to read more »

5 Haunted Hotels You Didn’t Know About

The haunted hotel is one of the most written about, prevalent pieces in fiction and horror. Maybe it’s because hotels have so many people who come and go. Many of them seem to take on an air of the people that have been through it, some of them good, some of them bad. But when someone dies in a hotel room, the feeling gets even worse.

What if one of them stayed behind to haunt the room?  An estimated two to eight deaths happen in hotels every single day which raises the statistics of a haunting even higher. Here are the top 5 haunted hotels for you to check out (or avoid) on your travels. Click here to read more »

200 Years Since Petra Was Discovered

In the year 1812, the city of Petra had been considered lost, or little more than a legend in most parts of the world, its location held as a closely guarded secret by the local Bedouins. That legend, however, captured the imagination of Swiss explorer Johann Ludwig Burckhardt. Click here to read more »

Where is the Best Exotic Hotel in India?

Movies are often a source of inspiration. Case in point, the British comedy-drama  The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. The film is about a group of British retirees staying in India who are lured to a once-luxurious hotel, the newly restored Marigold Hotel.

Those in the movie, including Oscar-winner Judi Dench, are disappointed after they discover that the hotel isn’t what it was promised to be. Fortunately, there are plenty of exotic hotels in India that are everything they claim to be – and maybe just a little bit more. The best exotic hotel in India is a matter of opinion, but here are some contenders for that honor. Click here to read more »

7 Perfect Mini-breaks for Your Mum on Mothers Day

It’s never too early to start planning for Mother’s Day. The best gift you can get your mother on this special day is a little rest and relaxation. While a long vacation may not fit into a mother’s schedule, there is no reason you cannot pamper her with a little mini-vacation that she can take over a weekend.

It is usually best to make arrangements so these mini-breaks can be taken at any time. Here are seven ideas for little mini-breaks to thank your mother for all she does for you.

Mini-breaks for your mum - a day in a spa1. Day Spa

A day spa is a perfect getaway for mom. Who wouldn’t love a day of pampering? Day spas offer mom a day of pampering with professional masseurs and other aides ready to tend to her every little need. Many day spas include specially prepared meals and rooms designed to offer every amenity to completely relax.

Common day spa options include acupressure, aromatherapy, couples massage, anti-aging facial, salt body scrub, pedicure and manicure, oxygen facial, Thai massage, Swedish massage and hot stone massage. Many day spas allow you to purchase certificates you can use whenever mom is ready for her day of pampering. Schedule the particular spa treatments you think your mom will enjoy and she is all set for a special day of rest and relaxation in style. Click here to read more »