Italy Secret Romance

Italy – Image by PKirillov

Italy is a wonderfully romantic country, but it often gets mired in stereotypes. People expect a certain image from Italy. While Italy fits some aspects of this image, the country itself has so much more to offer. There are many boutique hotels and natural cuisine restaurants that will entirely change your image of this beautiful country. Try seeing the secret romance behind Italy for a truly breathtaking experience.


Most people imagine pasta and heavy desserts when thinking about Italian cuisine. Those are parts of the cuisine, but not the entirety. Venice is known for making some of the world’s best rice and fish meals due to its geography. Venice often traded with the East in olden times, and the marine geography made fish abundant.

Italy is known for great food. However, most people try to fit Italian cuisine within a comfortable box. Consider going to restaurants that are not built exclusively for tourists. This is the best way to get a real bite of Italian cuisine that will scintillate the senses.


Another secret side to Italy is its wine. Many people know that Italy produces wine, but few people consider it to rival wine from France. Some of the highest rated wines can only be found in Italy. A number of these wines are never exported, so you can only taste them when you travel to Italy.

If you have ever liked wine, then you will love Italian wine. It sits in the mouth and begs the senses to really indulge in the flavor and aroma. Italy has wines that fit the tastes of light wine drinkers and the refined palates of connoisseurs.


If you have never visited Italy, then you probably don’t know how important festivals are. Italy is known for having many festivals. Each city tends to commemorate at least one historical or religious day. Some events are only for local areas. Other festivals are celebrated throughout Italy.

Find a calendar of events and join in the festivities. The food and wine will be spectacular, and the festival will give you a real look at Italy.

Small Towns


Florence, Italy – Image by sporkist

Venice and Florence are known for having romantic settings. However, you have to go during off-season to get the most out of the trip. Some points of the year are so crowded that you cannot do anything without seeing a huge line of people.

Instead of hitting the popular cities, try visiting a smaller town. Italy’s romance extends far beyond these popular cities. Each town has at least one picturesque point that can bring you and a loved one together. These places are far less crowded, so you can have the whole area to yourself.

Nature Parks

Retreat from the bustle of city sound into one of the many nature parks in Italy. About 10 percent of Italy is protected, so finding a park is easy. You can see animals that you are not used to, and the plants and vegetation in Italy create a romantic and unique image that just begs to be admired.

While tourist hotspots are great, consider taking a few hours off to visit a park and see the hidden side to Italy.


Italy was a huge nexus of creativity during the Renaissance. Many of those artworks can still be found in Italy. Visiting them can give you a good idea of the beauty the old masters saw in Italy. Even if you are not an art buff, you can see some pieces of art that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.


Italy is a vast and beautiful country with hidden romantic layers beyond its tourist attractions. Get off the beaten path and get a real taste of Italy. Eat the real foods, go see some important artworks and visit the parks and small towns to get a good glimpse of what Italy is really like.

You are sure to love it. Italy has something for everyone, but only if you look around for it. If you only speed through towns and hit the hotspots, then you are missing so much that Italy has to offer.

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