Visit South Africa for more than just a safari

Table Mountain in the sunset

Since the fall of Apartheid, South Africa has seen a massive boost in their tourism industry. People are coming from far and wide to invest in South Africa’s rugged landscape and develop an empire out of the violence and war that distracted it from development for so long.

Cape Town is now a bustling city, more similar to some Mediterranean towns that other major cities in Africa. Yes, it is a common occurrence that people drive over-crowded and unsafe cars and the large and bustling townships on the outskirts of the city show no signs of dismantling, but if you enter Cape Town’s Waterfront, you will struggle not to compare it to San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf or even the promenade in Marbella. Cape Town holidays are also a great excuse to see South Africa’s stunning Table Mountain. A stunning sight that can be seen for miles!

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Best Cleanser Choices to Prevent Illness When Traveling

Prevent Illness When Traveling

Traveling can be full of new, fun experiences whether it is done as a family vacation or as an employee for work. Besides the usual concerns of what to pack and how to arrange transportation, another pressing concern is illness. Illness often seems to strike people when they are out of their natural element and when their bodies are run down from lack of sleep.

However, there are some ways to stay healthy even while traveling. Besides getting enough sleep and receiving necessary immunizations before leaving the country, some simple cleansing products are easy to use to prevent many types of illness.

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Best national dishes from around the world that you should try

In some countries, there is that one specific dish that strongly represents that nation’s identity. Of these national dishes, some are very tasty and flavourful while others are a little more unusual. So at we decided to write about the top 10 national dishes in the world in order to give you the heads up before you choose your travel destination.

No matter how weird these dishes may be, they are definitely worth trying at least once. After all, eating these traditional foods is often the best way to experience different cultures. During your travels, don’t hesitate to try something different, just know your limits, because the last thing you want to experience is a holiday illness.

Lutefisk Dinner by My little Norway
Lutefisk Dinner by My little Norway

1. Lutefisk, Norway

One of the more strange national dishes is this Norwegian one made up of air-dried or salted white fish and lye. Although very pungent in odor, this gelatinous cured fish is widely consumed. In many Nordic countries, the high season for lutefisk is during November and December.

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