There are many things to do in Slovenia, but if you aren’t from around the area then you won’t know where to start. This list will show you five great places you can go to for fun and entertainment. These places are scattered about Slovenia, so you will have fun going around the entire country, seeing the sights and people.



Oldest Grape Bearing Vine, StaraTrta – Image by vagabond

Found in Maribor, StaraTrta is one of the oldest wine cellars and grape vines in all of Europe. When you go here you can see the wine being created, and you are invited in to try some of the fresh wines they are making. If you love wine, or if you are a fan of old world culture, then you will absolutely love the StaraTrta.


The Dominikanerkloster is found in Ptuj and it is an old religious building that has a rather lengthy history. First used and occupied by the Romans for worship of Mithra, it was later purchased by Christians and turned into a religious museum that also has many other items like crypts and a rare coin collection.

This is the perfect place to find out the history of Slovenia, and it can be very entertaining to walk the old halls and see all the artifacts and items held in the museum.

Tartini Square

Things to do In Slovenia: Tartini Square

Tartini Square – Image by dearbarbie

Located in Piran, the Tartini Square is the center of town and it grants you access to many other local hotspots like a maritime museum and a host of great restaurants. If you want to indulge in Slovenia culture and food, then this is the place to be.

Along with all the stores and restaurants, there is one other thing most Slovenia tourists like from Tartini Square: the architecture. The architecture here is among the best in Slovenia and it really gives you a good look at their style. There are also boats that can take you to other places outside of Slovenia, like Venice. If you want to hop back and forth between places, then Tartini Square can also provide that for you.

Praetorian Palace

The Praetorian Palace is another historic site found in Slovenia, and you can locate it in the town of Koper. This is an interesting place that mixes both the Middle Ages and modern times.

The best things to do In Slovenia: Praetorian Palace

Praetorian Palace – Image by lavidoo

You will see the Middles Ages history by looking at the castle itself. This castle was used hundreds of years ago, and the architecture is still accurate to its original design. While there have been some upgrades here and there, it still looks similar to when it was first made. The Praetorian Palace also has many interesting artifacts and items from when the castle was made.

There are also many modern items on display here. Slovenia government officials often use the castle for official meetings, so you may be able to see a few high-ranking people within the Slovenia government.


Located in the Celje area, this is an area dedicated entirely to zorbing. This is a very fun, but often unknown of, activity. You start off by getting in a large plastic ball. The ball is large enough for most people, so you shouldn’t have any trouble fitting inside.

The ball is then rolled down a steep cliff. While rolling, you will be tumbling around inside the zorb. Since there is a thick outer layer, it will be difficult for anything to damage you, like a rock, and there is air in the zorb so it should not quickly sink if submersed in water.

Many people love the adrenaline rush they get when zorbing, and it is both a fun and simple activity that almost anyone can do.


Slovenia has many fun attractions. Most of the attractions are historical or religious, but there are many other great things to do here, like zorbing. If you are in, or planning to be in, the Slovenia area, then check out one of these five hotspots. You are sure to enjoy them, regardless of your tastes. The majority of these attractions are either free or inexpensive, so you won’t have to spend much to go to them.

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