Spa Holidays in Austria

Many people take a holiday to relax and get away from it all, and few vacations are as relaxing as those that are spent at a spa resort. Austria has long been the destination of choice for travelers who are looking for a decadent spa experience. That’s probably because the people who design spas in the country have made it their business to provide singular experiences in luxurious surroundings.

Many spas in Austria excel at giving guests treatments that are unique, innovative and stimulating. Spending a few days at one of these resorts may be enough to transform your outlook on life.

Chocolate Spa – Image by sirap

For high end exclusivity and luxury, guests need look no further than the Sacher Spa in Vienna. This gorgeous hotel and spa caters to guests in outrageously indulgent fashion. Chief among their popular treatments are those that involve chocolate.

For guests who love the scent and feel of chocolate, this is a particularly decadent treat. Sacher Spa believes in chocolate’s healing properties. A chocolate body wrap leaves skin unbelievably soft and smooth. Rich cacao butter firms the skin and makes it glow with health and well-being. A cacao bean peeling massage and an aroma steam bath are also on the menu.

Sacher has plenty of other indulgences for clients who prefer their spa treatments without chocolate. La Prairie’s Art of Beauty products are also employed by aestheticians at the spa. These exclusive products are used on the face and body to reverse age damage and to leave skin glowing and healthy.

The Caviar Firming Facial is one of the most sought-after treatments. Caviar perfects tone and texture while leaving skin radiant. For an infusion of platinum, try the Platinum Rare Facial. This treatment promotes overall health and balance while the skin is left hydrated.

This spa has not forgotten men in its menu of treatments. Sacher offers a full line of treatments like body massages, facial peels and manicures designed exclusively for men. Who says that women are the only ones who can get pampered on a spa holiday in Austria?

Gastein Thermal Pool

Escape the city in favor of the mountains to find the Grand Park Hotel Bad Hofgastein. This state-of-the-art hotel and spa is unrivaled in the country for the quality of its treatments and the excellence of its personalized service.

The resort takes full advantage of the local Gastein thermal springs in designing services that can’t be found elsewhere. A range of saunas are available on the property. Every temperature from an ice igloo to a Finnish sauna is represented, with varying degrees of humidity. Centrally located within the Grand Park Spa, guests can relax in the Gastein Thermal Pool. A generous view of Gastein’s mountains and plenty of comfortable loungers make this a great place to relax and get away.

For many centuries, the thermal springs have been recognized for their healing properties. Here, the guests drink from the springs, bathe in them and inhale their restorative vapors. At this resort, guests are encouraged to experience firsthand what even the ancient Romans knew – that Gastein’s waters have amazing abilities to both relax and rejuvenate.

In the Styrian thermal region is located a singularly gorgeous resort called the Quellenhotel and Spa. Found in Bad Waltersdorf, thermal springs are also a highlight here. A complete sauna village, said to improve the cardio vascular system, accelerate the metabolism and tone the skin, is available on site. This resort also boasts a complete Wellness Parc.

Spa Holidays in Austria
Spa Holidays in Austria


In the midst of a well-tended garden sits a fitness oasis where guests may find a quiet area to stretch or a path that helps them train their back for spinal health and alignment. A sunny terrace, a yin and yang energy path and a walking course are all included.

The resort offers a comprehensive health and fitness program and also features gourmet dining designed to cleanse and protect. At Quellenhotel, the individual’s total well-being is pampered and nurtured.

Spa holidays in Austria are remarkably luxurious. In one of the many sophisticated facilities that dot the countryside, guests can indulge in a wide variety of exclusive, innovative services that just might give them a whole new outlook on life.

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