Spa Holidays in Austria


Many people take a holiday to relax and get away from it all, and few vacations are as relaxing as those that are spent at a spa resort. Austria has long been the destination of choice for travelers who are looking for a decadent spa experience. That’s probably because the people who design spas in the country have made it their business to provide singular experiences in luxurious surroundings.

Many spas in Austria excel at giving guests treatments that are unique, innovative and stimulating. Spending a few days at one of these resorts may be enough to transform your outlook on life.

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The Soothing Spas of Whistler, British Columbia

Whether you’re hitting the slopes, walking a trail, or just visiting for some rest and relaxation, you’ll enjoy the amenities at one of Whistler’s many spas. Stay in one of the luxurious hotels in the area offering spa treatments, or you can venture out of your accommodations for some pampering.

 Soothing Spas of Whistler
Avello Spa –

Westin Resort and Spa
The Avello Spa and Health Club in the Westin Resort offers the widest variety of treatments available at any spa in Canada.

Hydrotherapy treatments are performed in imported Bouvier hydrotubs and Vichy showers, and manicures and pedicures are performed while you relax in Italian-made chairs.

Clear your senses in the Eucalyptus steam room, or work out in the state-of-the-art health club before surrendering to a massage and heavenly milk bath.

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The Top 5 Hotels in Styria, Austria

Styria 2016

Much of Styria is relatively unknown to foreign tourists. That is why, several charming mysteries are being incorporated within the said area. Styria is a region of mountains, of valleys, rushing streams, lush green meadows, forests and of course – castles.

Its North is a typical Alpine, with rugged peaks and glorious mountain flowers. Its South, on the other hand, offers soft climate and gentle outlines of the rather lower mountain ranges of Graz.

Eggenberg Castle 2016

Another magnificent site to see is the Eggenberg Castle, which stands majestically in a fine park on the city’s fringe. Its murals and resplendent baroque rooms are main tourist favourite.

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Exploring Australia’s Top Hotels

Australia is inundated with backpackers every year from all over the globe and many of them are gap
year students from the UK and other European countries. But Australia doesn’t just appeal to the
young looking for adventure and experience; Australia is a popular destination for many people of all
ages and backgrounds who may be looking to visit family or enjoy a prolonged break. Here we will
take a look at a few of the best hotels from all territories in Australia.

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7 Best Places to Travel to in Bali

Bali temple

Millions of tourists visit Bali as it is filled with beautiful landscapes – hills, mountains, coastlines, and white sandy beaches. Every year, many people choose to spend their holidays in Bali, as it is a great destination for all ages. Visitors can enjoy luxurious Bali holidays on this fascinating island. There are many captivating attractions to visit when having holidays to Bali:

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Styria – Austria’s Natural Spa Capital

austria Styria

Styria can be your own piece of paradise. This Austrian corner offers wonders which can strengthen and invigorate the mind, body and soul with fresh energy. Between the enchanting scenery of the wine region and the unspoilt nature of the Dachstein glacier, there is also an abundance of spa havens for its visitors! With all of these great things, Styria is truly an insider’s tip for pleasure holidays.

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