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Flash sale 30% off at Hotel Indigo in London

Hotel Indigo in London

Hotel Indigo in London, Paddington has just announced a Flash Sale 30% Off!

Save now 30% from the standard rates if you book before the 04 October 2013. Only valid for stays between 15 December 2013 and 09 February 2013

Hotel Indigo London Paddington is a branded boutique hotel in London Paddington which combines the individuality of design and service personality.

With the confidence of a globally supported brand, Hotel Indigo London Paddington is created for travellers who are searching for exclusive accommodation in London and boasts free wireless internet throughout.

The hotel is owned and operated by London Town Hotel Group, one of London’s fastest developing hotel groups.

Hotel Indigo London Paddington is a mere minute’s walk to London Paddington Railway Station and the Heathrow Express, getting you to/from London Heathrow Airport in only 15 minutes!

Also Paddington underground station, is only moments away from the hotel, providing you with access to all corners of London, from Oxford Circus to Embankment. Explore what the city has to offer safe in the knowledge you will never have far to return, given the central location of Hotel Indigo London Paddington

So go ahead and book your accommodation at Hotel Indigo in London through and save a massive 30%!!

Offer subject to availability. Discount refers to price difference between the flexible rates and advance purchase rates.

For further information on our exciting offers, please contact us on phone or by email, or simply follow us on Twitter @Hotelindigo_Ldn


Top Tips To Guarantee A Great Holiday In Puerto Pollensa

Enjoying a wonderful luxury holiday in Pollensa is easy when visitors know tips for the best places to go. The beautiful Puerto Pollensa cillas offer the perfect starting point for a visit to this quaint and scenic destination.

The gorgeous scenery with glistening, sandy beaches and its friendly and warm atmosphere make Pollensa a popular destination. The traditions of the Mallorcan area are honoured by evening walks on the Pine Walk.

A Memorable Sight Seeing Opportunity 

Pollensa staircase

One of the best sightseeing opportunities in Pollensa takes place at the top of the famous Calvari staircase.

By climbing the 365 steps of this world-famous staircase, visitors are rewarded with one of the best views in Pollensa. The steps are lined with majestic Cypress trees. The quaint and pretty El Calvari chapel is situated at the top of the steps.

The view is spectacular and gives visitors a feel for the geography of the area along with the landscape of the town and the Pollensa coastline.

A Trip To Formentor Is Recommended 

A quiet, out-of-the-way place that is definitely worth seeing is a hidden cove called Formentor on the left side of Puerto Pollensa. Leaving the Puerto Pollensa villas, one can get there by bus or by boat. Photo opportunities in Formentor are incredible.

If visiting by bus, the ride is slightly exhilarating due to steep drops and very tightly wound bends in the road. The drivers are professionals and know the best way to navigate this challenging roadway.

There is a hotel in Formentor where Agatha Christie once stayed that is worth visiting. A swimming trip is also a great way to spend an afternoon in Formentor, giving visitors a chance to swim in the crystal blue bay water.

A boat leaves the area and takes visitors back to Puerto Pollensa on an hour-long trip.

An Exciting Evening In The Main Square 

A visit to Puerto Pollensa’s main square is a wonderfully relaxing way to spend an evening. Enjoy the cuisine of many places in one of Pollensa’s many interesting restaurants.

One creative cuisine restaurant called Tiberi is a unique way to try cuisines from many areas in one convenient place. There are also traditional restaurants like a Pizzeria, the Mojito Grill and a Nostalgia Bar & Bistro that offer delicious options.

Immersing oneself fully in the Majorcan culture is easy on a luxury holiday in Puerto Pollensa. The sights are breathtaking and the hospitality is warm and inviting.

The Puerto Pollensa villas offer the perfect base to begin the exciting adventures.

Europe’s Most Luxurious Lakeside Hotels

Finding the most luxurious lakeside hotels in Europe can be a difficult task. There are so many hotels that finding the right one can take hours, even for the most seasoned travel agent. Here is a list of some of the top European luxury lakeside hotels where you can rest, relax and enjoy the water. You can find them in Italy, France and in many other European countries. Click here to read more »

5 Haunted Hotels You Didn’t Know About

The haunted hotel is one of the most written about, prevalent pieces in fiction and horror. Maybe it’s because hotels have so many people who come and go. Many of them seem to take on an air of the people that have been through it, some of them good, some of them bad. But when someone dies in a hotel room, the feeling gets even worse.

What if one of them stayed behind to haunt the room?  An estimated two to eight deaths happen in hotels every single day which raises the statistics of a haunting even higher. Here are the top 5 haunted hotels for you to check out (or avoid) on your travels. Click here to read more »

Five Unique Boutique Hotels in Argentina

Catriona Spence

Travelling around Argentina in style?  Considering a boutique hotel?

Wine lovers will be interested in the Cafayate Wine Resort, located in the province of Salta.  The impressive location of this hotel is what makes it special.

Set at the foot of San Isidro Hill and amidst the vineyard plantation, visitors can relax with a wine and watch the sunset or enjoy the onsite swimming pool with views over the surrounding vineyards.  Click here to read more »

German Castle hotels

If you’re visiting Germany then you want to do it right. Germany’s history has been dotted with castles and for many years, most of the population lived in and around them. There are more than 20,000 castles and palaces located in Germany and many of them have been transformed into hotels that you can stay at during your trip to the country. Best of all, most of them are relatively affordable which means that pretty much anyone can stay at one. Click here to read more »

Where is the Best Exotic Hotel in India?

Movies are often a source of inspiration. Case in point, the British comedy-drama  The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. The film is about a group of British retirees staying in India who are lured to a once-luxurious hotel, the newly restored Marigold Hotel.

Those in the movie, including Oscar-winner Judi Dench, are disappointed after they discover that the hotel isn’t what it was promised to be. Fortunately, there are plenty of exotic hotels in India that are everything they claim to be – and maybe just a little bit more. The best exotic hotel in India is a matter of opinion, but here are some contenders for that honor. Click here to read more »