Six Reasons to Visit Edinburgh


Edinburgh has the potential to be a vacation that you never forget. So once reservations for one of the Edinburgh accommodations is complete, it is time to start planning out your time in Scotland. Here are six reasons why a visit to Edinburgh is a must.

Experiencing Royalty

Reasons to Visit Edinburgh - Edinburgh Castle
Edinburgh Castle

One of the first things that will draw you out from your room at any one of the finest Edinburgh hotels is the opportunity to visit several royal locations throughout the area.

The most obvious and most popular place to start is Edinburgh Castle. It has breath-taking views and three sides of the castle are set at the edge of steep cliffs. While in the area you don’t want to miss the Edinburgh Castle Gardens.

However, people often miss this gem because they aren’t sure where to enter or exit. Make sure you do a little research to make sure you don’t miss out. Don’t forget to visit the Palace of the Holyroodhouse as well.

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5 Ways to Organize Hotel Directories

Online hotel directories each have their own method of organizing the hotels they list. We go over five ways of doing this and the pros and cons of each.

There are dozens of online hotel directories out there—some local, some global. Each has its own unique way of displaying the hotels they list, but are all methods equal? Google has developed secret algorithms to determine what websites are more relevant, and SEO experts everywhere have been trying for years to crack the Google code so they can rank better. Let’s take a look at how online hotel directories list their results.

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Miraflores Lima’s Gringo Friendly District

Shopping in Lima's fashionable Larcomar mall

Most travellers start their Peruvian trip in Miraflores, Lima. This charming neighborhood has it all: nice hotels, restaurants, bars, entertainment, shopping, museums and culture, parks and gardens, plus a waterfront with a surfing beach and a pier. There’s even an archaeological attraction, an ancient pyramid and adobe community. And Miraflores is safe and clean.

Miraflores Lima

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Top 5 Hotel Directories for User Experience

You probably wander what are the top 5 hotel directories. So we set off to find out. These days, it’s all about user experience (UX). You may have the best database-driven information in the world, but if your site is ugly or the navigation is wonky, you won’t keep visitors. Travel websites are notorious for having bad UX, but there are a few out there that are just fun to browse. Here are my top 5 hotel directories, listed in no particular order.


Wandari Directory is a new hotel directory that is built for visuals.

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The Best Places to Stay In Edinburgh


Edinburgh is a wonderful city which sees history blend perfectly with the modern world as you are constantly reminded of the past with Edinburgh Castle looming above the city and Georgian style buildings dominate everywhere you go.

The city attracts tourists from all around the world who come to experience the rich heritage the city has to offer as well as the cultural variety of the many museums, pubs, clubs restaurants and galleries throughout the city.

Edinburgh is the home of the largest arts festival in the world the Edinburgh Fringe and artists, performers and tourists swell the city every August. There really is an abundance of things to see and do in this unique city and this article will help you find the perfect place to stay while you are there.

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Look before you Leap away on Vacation


When was the last time you went on a vacation, only to come back and find out that you’ve been robbed? No, we don’t mean that your home’s been burgled, we’re talking about the money that you spent on that vacation. Now, we don’t want to spoil that experience that you’ve just had, but we would like you to ensure that you don’t make the same mistake twice.

When you are going out on a holiday, there is one thing that you, under all circumstances, need to do – Compare holiday prices!

We couldn’t be louder when screaming this out because here’s a list of issues that you can avoid when you simply compare holiday prices.

Away on Vacation - hotel booking
Hotel Booking Online

Book Rooms through a Hotel

Time and again, we go to our favourite hotels’ website and book the room we want. Isn’t that convenient? One-stop shop and you’ve got everything you’ll ever need for your room. The hotel arranges for the transfers and you can rent your car right there too. Who needs anything else, right?

Ah! Now, that’s where you’re making a mistake because not only do hotels have special offers running from time-to-time, they don’t even display all their offers on their website.

If you have two or three hotels in mind, then you won’t find the best deals on their website. Compare your prices before making any booking decisions

Trust a Travel Agent

So, you’ve had a good experience before and now, he’s that “guy” you’ve got who handles your travel details. We understand you’re comfortable but the problem is, they get comfortable too. Once you’ve got your “guy” on “comfort-mode”, you can guarantee that he’ll let the best deals slip by, knowing that you trust him blindly.

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Tips On Saving Money On Your Next Holiday

Tips On Saving Money On Your Next Holiday
Image by newsusacontent

The British are still feeling the effects of the recession. In today’s society, one must cut costs to make resources stretch. Although the recession has hit most families hard, everyone still deserves a holiday.

Famous sites like Groupon and Expedia have become prevalent choices. They still allow travellers to take a holiday without breaking the bank.

Get Package Deals

Tips to save money on your next holiday include utilizing sites such as Expedia or CarDelMar. Why pay full price for a sensational holiday when you can purchase rental cars and hotels rooms at rack rates?

By packaging things like hotels, flights, and rental cars into a bundle deal, travel web sites are able to give you superior pricing.

Rental Car Advice

A great way to save on rental cars is to opt for a smaller compact car. Not only will you find a small compact car is cheaper on gas, but it is a significant reduction in price. When looking for rental cars, compare price options.

If you want luxury or a midsize vehicle, there are many options available to obtain a great deal without busting the budget.

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