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Tips for Booking Group Travel

Tips for Booking Group Travel

When it comes to experiencing new things, it’s safe to say that nine times out of ten, the experience is made all the richer when it is share with friends. Heading off on a holiday is one such experience, and whether you’re looking into a luxury Fiji holiday or an adventure through South America, doing it in great company can only enhance the fun.

If you are planning on booking a group holiday somewhere, we’ve got a few tips that will help you make the process a whole lot smoother! Enjoy! Click here to read more »

Budgeting For Travel In Southeast Asia

Travel In Southeast Asia - Phang-Nga Bga Bayay Phuket Thailand

Phang-Nga Bga Bayay Phuket,Thailand. Image by Shelby PDX

One of the many reasons that Southeast Asia is fast-becoming the most popular tourist destination in the world is the incredible value for money you’ll find in the region. If you’re planning a holiday to

and trying to form a budget, the good news is that it’s one of the cheapest places you can travel. From quality Vietnam hotels that come in under the $20 range to bungalows on the beach in Thailand for less than a meal would cost back home, accommodation is as cheap as chips, and don’t get us started on the food!

Here is a brief (and by no means comprehensive) guide for budgeting for travel in Southeast Asia.

Cheapest Countries

If you’re trying to get your pennies to stretch further, then Myanmar, Laos, Thailand and the Philippines are going to be your best options. Your average meal in these countries will be between $3-$5, with bottles of beer coming in at between 10c and $1.

When it comes to accommodation, you can expect to pay around $5 per night for very basic accommodation without air-conditioning, and between $10-$15 per night for middle-of-the-range. Click here to read more »