Best Value Hotel - Booking online

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The advent of the internet has indubitably brought with it the opportunity for savvy shoppers to get their hands on exceptional holiday and hotel deals from time to time. The only real problem is that with the number of travel sites increasing on an almost daily basis – there are so many options that finding the best deal can be incredibly time consuming. So, rather than simply list a huge ream of websites featuring great deals, here are some general tips for getting the best possible deal on a luxury break

Don’t Necessarily Believe RRPs

Although RRPs (recommended retail prices) generally provide an indication of the standard cost of a product or service – they should be taken with a pinch of salt. By no means should you choose one hotel deal over another purely on the basis of RRPs, not only are there more indicators than just price to consider, but on occasion the RRP itself can be misleading and falsely create perceived value.

Getting a deal isn’t just a case of getting the biggest reduction compared to the stated initial price: but getting the best room, in the best location for the best price.

Be Very Flexible

Flexibility is the key to getting the best possible travel deal – if you’re looking at packages including flights then a willingness to travel a bit further to your departure airport can result in a significant saving. When it comes to standalone bookings flexibility in terms of travel dates and destination are the key: If you can’t be flexible on travel dates then be extra flexible on destinations – and vice versa.

Start Looking Early…but Have Courage

Although very last minute deals are often the best – this isn’t always the case. Holiday prices can fluctuate a great deal from up to a year before departure date, so keep an eye out early on for prices which seem to be remarkably low from the moment you’ve decided upon your vacation plans. If no deals leap out at you then stay strong and hold out for the very last minute offers…if you have the confidence and flexibility.

Consider ‘Secret’ Accommodation

There’s a growing trend for high end hotels to advertise their last minute vacant rooms anonymously at cut rates on certain travel site. It can be a little risky booking a ‘Secret’ room but for the most part these establishments are of the highest quality and repute.

Rooms booked in this manner are still elegantly decorated with luxurious hotel linen and all the little touches – you just don’t know the exact hotel you’ll be staying in until you’ve booked it.

By bearing these tips in mind when hunting down a wallet friendly hotel stay or luxury break you’re sure to make a decent saving compared to rack rates – and potentially find yourself in a new and exciting destination or hotel.

Daniel Travis – Brown, is an avid writer or both scripts and articles. Follow him on Twitter @DanTravisBrown