Tips For Saving on Vacation LodgingOver the river and through the woods, many travelers will travel for the holidays. While travelers can expect prices to be up about four percent this year over last, there are ways to save money on the trip.

Decide on the destination ahead of time

Rather, one travels are across the grand, old Mississippi or Tongass National Forest, the first method of saving money is to decide where the traveler plans on staying way ahead of time. This allows the traveler plenty of time to research their options less expensive rates can be found.

Look at all the travel websites and the hotel website itself. Furthermore, look at the auction sites and social media sites. Call the tourist bureau of the city the traveler plans to stay in and ask them for information. Often, they have a book that they can send the traveler with deep discounts.

Try to book at a refundable website. Join lodging email lists, which often offer deep discounts to their members. Look for discounts offered by employers. By starting ahead of time, the traveler will have time to explore traveling options.

Be flexible

The second way to save money on lodging is to allow as much flexibility as possible. The traveler should try looking at different dates. When traveling to an area known for amusements, the rates are often highest on the weekends. When traveling to an area known for business, the rates are often highest during the week. Try doing the opposite when possible.

Furthermore, be flexible in the exact area that the traveler stays in. Often, an extra two or three minutes of drive time will save the traveler many dollars.

Book Packages

The traveler should buy as big as possible. If the traveler will be there for several days, ask the hotel about a weekly rate. If the traveler plans on attending several events, look for lodging that has a combination package. If the traveler will be flying or renting a car, then try combing those activities when booking the travel. Many times lodging options that allow cooking makes sense, because the traveler can prepare their own meals.

If staying several nights in different cities, then look for chains that offer a discount for staying more than one night with the chain. By using as much flexibility as possible the traveler saves as much money as possible.

Go in the off-season

If the traveler has a choice of where to travel, then consider going to a site having an off-season. For example, if the traveler has always wanted to go to Yellowstone, then consider going for the winter holidays. On the other hand, if the traveler wants to go on a Caribbean vacation consider doing it in the summer.

The traveler will find fewer crowds, and lodging options fighting for the tourist dollar.

Ask at the front desk

Remember in the first hint, the traveler was advised to book at refundable rates. The last step is to walk into a lodging option and try to book a room. Many hotels have better rates at the front desk, than they advertise anywhere.

If the lodging option has not filled up, then the lodging option will often cut the price. Just remember to cancel the traveler’s other option before the deadline not to get charged twice.

Josey Wales the author of the “Five tips for saving on vacation lodging this year” loves writing about Colorado but these days seems to spend a great deal of his time writing about Vail vacation rentals and lodging deals at Vail.