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Best Cleanser Choices to Prevent Illness When Traveling

Prevent Illness When Traveling

Traveling can be full of new, fun experiences whether it is done as a family vacation or as an employee for work. Besides the usual concerns of what to pack and how to arrange transportation, another pressing concern is illness. Illness often seems to strike people when they are out of their natural element and when their bodies are run down from lack of sleep.

However, there are some ways to stay healthy even while traveling. Besides getting enough sleep and receiving necessary immunizations before leaving the country, some simple cleansing products are easy to use to prevent many types of illness. Click here to read more »

Find New And Creative Music Around The Globe

Where to find creative music when you travel Around the world, there is a lot of creative music being developed. New sounds are being created every day within the different cultures.

Finding some of this music and embracing it may be easier than you even think. Within every country, music is being created and embraced by the populations. As you travel around the world or simply want to learn about what’s being created, you can do so by knowing where to look. Click here to read more »

Five Animals You’ll Want to See in South Africa

What to See in South Africa

South Africa’s vast wilderness is home to some of the most impressive animals on the planet. Travellers may come across several of these great creatures as they traverse the African plains, from the massive African elephant to the reclusive but powerful leopard.

A good local guide can help vacationers see in South Africa many different animals, although travellers can stumble upon some of these animals on their own.


The lion has been used as the symbol of regal power in many nations for hundreds of years. Its incredible strength and pack organization makes it one of the most dangerous hunters on a holiday to South Africa. Lions can be spotted prowling grasslands or lazing near watering holes. Click here to read more »

Bear in Mind these Dangerous Places before You Travel

Dangerous places to travel

Most people just want a quiet life. They want to arrive safely home from work, shut the door and relax for the evening, watching television or meeting friends down the pub. Of course, not everyone is the same. What about those intrepid and slightly deranged mortals who want a little more out of life?

Those who thumb their nose at danger? Well, read on and become familiar with some of the worst cities in the world to live, these are also some of the most dangerous places to travel.

There will always be people who want to walk on the wilder side of safe and before embarking on what could be a potentially lethal lifestyle it would be wise to consult solicitors to discuss how to proceed if the worst happened. Click here to read more »

Hidden Attractions in St Petersburg

Attractions in St PetersburgSt Petersburg offers a multitude of attractions, parks, museums, and various places of interest. Usually in a group tour or shore excursion you will see only the main attractions such as Peterhof, the State Hermitage Museum, and St Isaac’s Cathedral. If you choose a private guide for your St Petersburg tour or shore excursion you will find many more options available to you.

Only a private guide in St Petersburg has the knowledge and experience to take you on these excursions during your tour or shore excursion. In this article we present some of the less known but equally interesting places and attractions in St Petersburg that are worth your attention during your visit:

1. On of the best hidden attractions in St Petersburg is the secret wine cellars of Count Stroganov, whose cook invented “beef a la stroganov” on Nevsky prospect. The Count had a secret bedroom installed in the wine cellar for his many mistresses that is now a 1-bedroom exclusive hotel room. However, a private guide can take you on an excursion of this room and the wine cellar as part of a customized tour or shore excursion in St Petersburg.

2. Meet sunrise on the top colonnade of St Isaac Cathedral with a glass of champagne in your hands or just spend 5 minutes at the top the panoramic restaurant in the middle of Nevsky Prospect drinking your morning coffee.

3. Enjoy looking at the gold decorations of Scythian Chieftains made for them by Greek masters using a special micro-technique in the Diamond Room of the Hermitage.

4. View the frightening St Petersburg Sphinxes devoted to the victims of Stalin repressions in St Petersburg and find the only preserved image of Stalin in the city. Your private guide will explain in detail about Stalin and his repressions during the Soviet Union.

5. Attend a service in a Russian Orthodox Church while listening to the explanations of your private tour guide about the history of the church and Russian Orthodox religion.

6. Take the night boat along numerous rivers and canals of St Petersburg while watching the bridges of the city open during the White Nights period. Your private guide can explain about the bridges, canals, and history of the city while you enjoy a truly remarkable and romantic atmosphere.

7. Get acquainted with Mr. Kalashnikov (his name is connected with the AK-47) : “a man, a legend, a gun” in the Artillery Museum and look at the bottle of vodka designed like a Kalashnikov gun. You can even buy the bottle of vodka as a souvenir.

8. Visit the Siege Memorial on the outskirts of St Petersburg to watch a 10 minutes film about the greatest Siege in the history of mankind at the hands of Nazi Germany. Your private guide will explain some details and stories about the Siege of St Petersburg and the bravery and courage of the citizens. This is a very emotional experience and really tells the story of how much the citizens of St Petersburg love their city and country.

9. Stand behind the shoulder of a master in the Amber Restoration Workshop and get to know how the most expensive treasure ever stolen was painstakingly restored by Russian masters over many years.

10. Drop inside the Imperial Porcelain Factory (founded in 1744) near “the icon” of St Petersburg – The Church of our Savior on the Spilt Blood: see the imperial porcelain factory which supplied beautiful pieces to the Tsar’s family during the centuries. Drink tea from beautiful tea cups, enjoy a dinner, and even buy some porcelain to take home as a souvenir.

About the Author – Dancing Bear Tours is a family owned business which provides customized St Petersburg private tours and St Petersburg Shore Excursions.

Traveling with Kids: Why You Should Book Car Rentals in Advance

 Traveling with Kids

Traveling with Kids

Are you thinking of traveling on holiday with your kids? If so, please check this article to see why you need to book car rental in advance before traveling to a different country with your family.

Save Time on Arrival

Every moment is precious when you are away on a trip with your family, and it is important that you make the most of all of them. A good example of where we often lose a lot of time is in the airport. Click here to read more »

Best national dishes from around the world that you should try

In some countries, there is that one specific dish that strongly represents that nation’s identity. Of these national dishes, some are very tasty and flavourful while others are a little more unusual. So at we decided to write about the top 10 national dishes in the world in order to give you the heads up before you choose your travel destination.

No matter how weird these dishes may be, they are definitely worth trying at least once. After all, eating these traditional foods is often the best way to experience different cultures. During your travels, don’t hesitate to try something different, just know your limits, because the last thing you want to experience is a holiday illness.

Lutefisk Dinner by My little Norway

Lutefisk Dinner by My little Norway

1. Lutefisk, Norway

One of the more strange national dishes is this Norwegian one made up of air-dried or salted white fish and lye. Although very pungent in odor, this gelatinous cured fish is widely consumed. In many Nordic countries, the high season for lutefisk is during November and December. Click here to read more »