Prevent Illness When Traveling

Traveling can be full of new, fun experiences whether it is done as a family vacation or as an employee for work. Besides the usual concerns of what to pack and how to arrange transportation, another pressing concern is illness. Illness often seems to strike people when they are out of their natural element and when their bodies are run down from lack of sleep.

However, there are some ways to stay healthy even while traveling. Besides getting enough sleep and receiving necessary immunizations before leaving the country, some simple cleansing products are easy to use to prevent many types of illness.

Prevent Illness When TravelingKeeping Dishes Clean

Not all travelers have to take care of their own pans, plates and silverware. However, those who are staying in an extended-stay hotel, at a bed and breakfast or in their recreational vehicle may find that they have to wash their own dishes. It is vital to clean these properly to kill germs and prevent illness.

Hot water is necessary when doing the dishes. Hot water mixes with dish detergent more effectively than does cool water, removing grease and food particles. Most importantly, however, hot water kills bacteria from leftover food. If using a dish washing machine, the hot water can sterilize the dishes.

Dish detergents also remove grease and bacteria from dishes, cleansing surfaces to reduce the risk of food-borne illnesses or the transfer of sickness from person to person.

Keeping Surfaces Clean

Sanitizers and disinfectants can be used on most solid, non-porous surfaces to remove bacteria, fungi and other dangerous micro organisms that cause illness. It should be noted that there is a difference between sanitizers and disinfectants. A disinfectant completely eradicates all of the micro organisms that it is designed to work against. However, a sanitizer only reduces the number of micro organism without removing all of them.

In most cases, either of these types of products will be fine for traveling purposes. These products come in aerosol sprays or in sprays that need to act on the surface for a few minutes before being wiped off with a paper towel.

Bleach is well known for cleansing away germs. Many mothers have used it for everything from doing dishes to laundering clothes to cleaning toys but it can also prevent illness when traveling. Chlorine bleaches kill most bacteria and fungi. However, bleach should be used with great care in well-ventilated settings since its fumes are noxious and it is a strong chemical. In addition, it should never be mixed with ammonia since this can create particularly dangerous fumes.

Keeping the Hands and Body Clean

Tissues, although not a cleanser, are vital to take along when traveling. They are useful for all age groups and guard others against coughs and sneezes. In addition, they help to keep the individual’s hands clean in order that he does not spread germs to others.

Hand sanitizer kills microorganisms on the hands. Hand sanitizer contains rubbing alcohol. It should be applied to the hands for at least thirty seconds to kill the most germs and decrease the growth of future bacteria on the hands.

Hand sanitizer should only be used for hands that are not visibly soiled. Hands that are visibly dirty or that are wet from a sneeze, for example, should be washed with soap and water.

Hydrogen peroxide - Prevent Illness When TravelingHydrogen peroxide is a cheap and easy product to bring along when traveling. When it comes into contact with the skin, a safe chemical reaction creates pure oxygen, which effectively cleanses wounds. It should be used in small amounts for this purpose.

Soap and water is still one of the best cleansers known for cleansing the body and preventing illness when traveling.

Soap and water is safe and effective. When washing the hands or another body part that has been exposed to germs, the individual should scrub the area completely for at least thirty seconds. Antibacterial soaps are still best for decreasing the number of micro organisms on the hands.

Traveling can be a safe and fun experience when care is taken to keep surfaces and the body clean. Bringing along one or several of the aforementioned cleansers will keep sickness at bay. Of course, each of these products should be used according to directions provided on the product or by a physician.

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