Top 10 Things In Limoges On A Short Break

Limoges On A Short BreakIf you are planning a short vacation to Limoges, check out the top ten suggestions of interesting activities to do:

Here is a list of 10 Interesting Things In Limoges

1. Cathedral St Ettienne

This cathedral was constructed beginning in 1273 and was slowly put together one piece after another. It too nearly 600 years to be built and was made up with cluster of pinnacles and elongated arches. This 16th century facade was created with a flamboyant style.

2. Musse Municipal de L’Eveche

Visit this beautiful gallery that showcases enamelware, what the town knows best to do. This historical Palace was built in the 19th century and is situated in Old Bishops Palace. You will get to see pieces which dates back to the 12th century and includes Roman artifacts, Egyptin art, sarcophagi and masonry.

3. Le Pavillion de la Porcelain

You can witness how porcelain is made in Limoges in this setting. Set about 3 km away from the town, visitors are allowed to view the art of making porcelain on a video screen. Some of their piece are showcased in the museum.


Oradour Sur Glance

Located about 25 km away from Limoges, this village has remain unchanged since the Nazi soldiers invaded it in the year 1944 and went on a rampage killing its inhabitants. This village is eerie with everything left in tact such as train wires, rusted cars and people’s homes about 60 years ago. The ruins now serve as shrines to remember this community by.

Limoges On A Short Break

5. Musse National Adrien Dubouche

This wonderful museum is the centerfold to distinct porcelain. If you are an ardent fan of porcelain, this is one of the greatest ceramic collections in France. This museum is made up of twelve thousand piece making it the largest porcelain collection in Europe.

6. Maison Traditionelle de la Boucherie

The legacy of butchers from the Middle Ages are depicted in this museum. You can now experience the life of a butcher where you will be able to visit one of their houses. There is a strong influence of the butcher’s guild in this town, thus, annual festivals are done in remembrance of eating meat.

7. Eveche Botanical Garden

Sit back and relax on the banks of Vienne and watch Limoges. Visit the botanical museum located on the garden itself.

8. Exhibition Of China And Enamel

This annual exhibition is held between July and August at various venues to showcase the major enamelware industry.

9. Atecher Mosiaque

See the delicately design mosaics offered by this small shop. These mosaics are made on the premises by hand. Work done includes jewellery boxes, clocks and mirros. Each piece is designed individually which means that you what you get is an exclusive product.

10. Fraire des Petits Ventres

This is a street banquet held annually where the townspeople gather to eat meat. This is a reminder of the role butcher played in ancient times. The entire community joins in tasting various meat dished cooked as the French know how to.

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