Family holidays are often looked forward to with lots of imagination and what-have-you’s. Family members begin to make mental notes of where to go, what to do, what to pack and all sundry. There are tricks that will surely help in making the holiday the best ever without overspending.

1. Plan the holiday ahead of time with everyone in the family, including the budget. Get a couple of options on line, compare and get the one that offers the best where your budget fits. When plans are firmed up, tell some friends and relatives about this. They may have coupons and transferable freebies that they are willing to part with and hand over to you.

kids happy on holiday

2. There are several choices, packages for family holidays. If possible, get in touch by email or telephone to get all the information you need. Make sure that everything has been covered, leaving no question unanswered. Compare the choices you have made where the holiday budget perfectly fits.

3. Reserve and book early. Some travel agencies, airlines, hotels offer the best hotel deals for “early bird” bookings. Rates are usually up during peak seasons. Therefore, the family holiday can be held during the slack period. Talk to the travel agents nicely, graciously and at all times, be friendly and courteous. A good trick is to scout for people you know who could possibly refer you to the agency. Drop the name of the person and spend some time giving them positive feed backs. A little compliment will go a long way.

4. Air travels are quite expensive to take. Scout for airlines that do not fly direct to the location. Stop over flights are cheaper. Although it will take longer, savings on air fares is more important. At least, you and the other members of the family can honestly brag about having been to that place, even for a short while. You may also take early morning flights.

self catering holidays

5. Stay at apartelles or lodging houses outside the city, where cooking your meals is allowed, near tourist attractions and charge on a group basis rather than on a per head rate. If it is possible for you to share beds, and not having to pay for extra room or extra beds, that will ultimately give you some savings. Maximise your stay by enjoying all the amenities that are free of charge. Normally, these accommodations have freebies. Before leaving, pack all the freebies that you can get (soap, shampoo, toothpaste, among others) and bring them home.

6. Avoid destinations that require a lot of travelling and transporting. Arriving at the holiday destination is by itself satisfying. Remember that the holiday is intended to take a diversion from the daily routine. Make a little change of the air you breath. Go for the countryside where the beauty of nature is at its best.

unusual way to save money on holiday

7. Avoid buying stuff where tourists abound. Before setting off to your next destination, check for things that you might need along the way. Smaller shops sell the same thing for more. They will tend to exploit the moment.

8. Cook your provisions for the day and have a picnic instead of dining out at restaurants. Also, take time out and relax while sorrounded with nature.

relaxing holiday

9. Treat yourself with a little muscle flexing. Walk your way to the next destination and tell stories, or take pictures along the way. This will shorten the distance.

enjoy the nature

10. Do away with bar hopping at the end of the day. Buy your cocktail drinks and enjoy long talks with the rest of the family in the lodging house.

Do you think the ideas we’ve suggested are unusual enough or helpful to you?  Do you have other ideas that you’d like to share with our readers? Please feel free to leave comments.  They are greately appreciated.