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Top 10 destinations by continent

Visiting the 5 Largest U.S. Cities

If you want to see the hot spots of the United States, you may as well go big or go home. You’ve got 50 states and countless cities to choose from, so why not start with the largest cities in the country? Don’t miss these featured attractions in each of the 5 largest cities in the United States:

new-york1. New York City

Even if isn’t New Year’s Eve, a visit to Times Square is a necessity if you’re going to be in the Big Apple. From there, be sure to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art, one of the world’s largest art galleries. Schedule ample time for a long stroll through Central Park — and by long, we’re talking about 2.5 miles of attractions.

From hot dog stands to street performers to an actual zoo, the park has more than enough to keep you busy and interested for several hours. Other notable attractions not to miss in NYC include the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building and Grand Central Station.

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Top Three Destinations For An English Getaway

England is a beautiful part of the world, we’ve got picturesque country side nestled in between some of the most exciting cities in the world; we’ve got culture, sophistication, excitement and splendour all within easy reach no matter where you are.

The one thing the UK doesn’t quite manage to get is the ideal weather to get out and about and enjoy all that’s on offer. In fact for a good five months every year its dark for longer than its light, the temperature struggles to get above coat and scarf level and leaving the house without an umbrella can feel like a game of roulette.

If you are planning a winter getaway there’s still plenty to see and do and here are the top three places to visit in England if you’re looking for a long weekend or a quick break to get you through the winter months.

London – tower of London


London Tower – Image by Anirudh Koul

The truth is you could spend a life time in London and still not have time to see everything this vibrant city has to offer. Click here to read more »

4 Alternative Romantic Winter Getaway Destinations

Romantic Winter Getaway Destinations Romantic Winter Getaway Destinations

It’s funny how the Christmas season brings out our romantic side. It may be the magic of it all making us feel that something special could happen, it might be all that Christmas cheer lubricating our social senses, or it may just be the fact that everywhere you look there is a romantic seasonal film or romantic billboard showing models embraced in snow covered scenes with love in their eyes.

If you are however a bit of a hopeless romantic, but you are keen to show someone you love them this year, why not take them on a romantic break?

Not just any romantic break though, nothing predictable, no something a bit different, but no less special. Here are some suggestions: Click here to read more »

Mexico – The Land of Opportunities?


Mexico – Image by schlaeger

Mexico is currently America’s second largest source of energy related imports, sending around 1,300 thousand barrels of crude oil per day to the United States. Only Canada supplies more crude oil to the USA. Mexico’s future looks pretty bright, too. The country has some large untapped natural gas reserves; enough that if the country developed them properly, it could become energy independent. Click here to read more »

The top 5 interesting places In Brazil

When you hear the name Brazil, in South America, the first thought that strikes you is football. Many are unaware that there is much more to Brazil than football alone. You associate it with the best coffee in the world and as an emerging economy, with a large manufacturing base.

You also remember the alluring beaches and the even more seductive girls. By all means, Brazil, the biggest country in South America, is a great and irresistible tourist destination. You can be sure that a journey to Brazil will not disappoint you.

The Brazilians are very friendly, and the cities are a mixture of slums and modern.  Brazil is so huge that you will not be able to explore it in one visit.  Therefore, to get a real taste of the country, you should try and at least, visit the five interesting places in Brazil that you should not miss.

 Rio De Janerio, the Land Of Soccer

Interesting places In Brazil - Rio de Janeiro

Rio De Janeiro – Image by Fábio Costa1973

Rio is an exciting city with its enticing beaches and tall skyscrapers, considered among the most frequently visited cities in that part of the world.  Click here to read more »

Can Camping Trips Provide A Fun Experience?

camping trips

Camping – Image by KennethMoyle

When you tell people about the thrill of spending a night in a tent, with nothing separating you from the great outdoors, except a little canvas, some people suggest that it sounds wonderful.

They may think that it seems romantic and rather beautiful. For others, however, the feelings evoked by this scene may be completely different. In fact, there are some who think of camping trips as being somewhat hideous. Click here to read more »

How to Save Money on Your Next Trip

Save Money on Your Next Trip with cheap air tickets

Budget Travel – Image by USA Insurance 4u

In this economy everyone is looking to save money on travel. Whether it’s for a family holiday or business trip there are several ways that you can make your trip more economical. Here are some tips. Click here to read more »