Save Money on Your Next Trip with cheap air tickets

Budget Travel – Image by USA Insurance 4u

In this economy everyone is looking to save money on travel. Whether it’s for a family holiday or business trip there are several ways that you can make your trip more economical. Here are some tips.

Flexible Travel

If you’re not tied to particular dates (that is, you can set up your meeting times or holidays to suit yourself) then aim for flexibility when checking into travel dates. Although people often suggest that you book well in advance to save money, occasionally you can also save by booking a late deal.

If you can bear the nail biting suspense then try this option. This also works if you are going somewhere to celebrate a particular holiday. If there’s no particular holiday activity, then going on or after the holiday date will save you money.

Flexibility in travel may also apply to your destination. You’d be surprised how many great places you can discover if you’re prepared to stick a virtual pin in the map and go to the places where the deals are available. Sometimes this might mean going to a more exotic location; at others it might mean a trip close to home to a location that you have never discovered. Either way you can have a great time.

Air Miles

Air miles are one of your best friends when it comes to saving on travel and they are not just for air travel any more. Did you realize that you can also use them to book accommodation, parking and more? If you’re a regular traveler then sign up for all the loyalty card schemes and use your points wisely to get the best deals.

There are also a couple of websites where you can manage all your points and get guidance on how best to use them.

Finally, it pays to be flexible about accommodation too. Sure, you may think of the perfect holiday as taking place in a glamorous hotel but who says that it has to be that way? Sometimes you can have even more fun setting your own schedule in self-catering accommodation.

A nice apartment in the middle of a major city can be a good base for exploring the area and allow you the flexibility to eat in or eat out as you prefer. In addition, it is a much more cost-effective option than staying in a big hotel.

So there you have it. The keyword in saving money on travel is flexibility – flexibility on dates, flexibility on destinations and flexibility on accommodation. Flexibility in travel usually translates to savings and in this economy that’s essential.

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