Romantic Winter Getaway Destinations Romantic Winter Getaway Destinations

It’s funny how the Christmas season brings out our romantic side. It may be the magic of it all making us feel that something special could happen, it might be all that Christmas cheer lubricating our social senses, or it may just be the fact that everywhere you look there is a romantic seasonal film or romantic billboard showing models embraced in snow covered scenes with love in their eyes.

If you are however a bit of a hopeless romantic, but you are keen to show someone you love them this year, why not take them on a romantic break?

Not just any romantic break though, nothing predictable, no something a bit different, but no less special. Here are some suggestions:

Tallinn – Estonia

Eastern Europe was once a mystery to the west. Now, as it is rapidly welcomed into the land of the living, its magnificence is being revealed. Tallinn in Estonia stands out as an ideal winter break, especially over Christmas. The city’s old town is a stunning medieval place for romantic walks, Christmas shopping and it is even the location where the first public Christmas tree in Europe was ever put up.

Portugal – Yurts

It may sound a bit weird, but a yurt is just a big traditional Mongolian tent. Portugal loves them and offers them for star crossed lovers all year round…including winter. They are dotted all over the landscape and can be quite isolated if you want real privacy. Nothing but you, the sky and some animal fur insulation.

Scandinavia – Aurora Borealis

What could be more romantic than travelling to the end of the earth to see some magical lights in the sky? Finland, Sweden, Norway and Iceland are all excellent places to go to have a winter holiday centred on hunting the Aurora Borealis, also known as the Northern Lights. These coloured lights in the sky are a truly astonishing sight and are certainly one of the most romantic sites on earth, especially when seen while in the arms of a loved one.

Hot Pooling – Iceland

Iceland is a dark and bleak place in the depths of winter. Despite this, it is fantastically romantic, especially when you spend your break ‘hot pooling’! As you probably know, Iceland is highly volcanic and as a result is home to loads of amazing hot water pools filled by hot springs from under the rock. You can stay in the chic capital Reykjavik and travel around different hot pools each day, soaking in the stunning scenery and the romantic cosy warmth of the isolated pools.

Why not treat your loved one this winter?

Kojo Smyth the author of the “4 alternative romantic winter getaway destinations” owns several large holiday homes in Scandinavia. He is planning on moving to work with villa rentals in Spain to enjoy some warmer weather though.