When you hear the name Brazil, in South America, the first thought that strikes you is football. Many are unaware that there is much more to Brazil than football alone. You associate it with the best coffee in the world and as an emerging economy, with a large manufacturing base.

You also remember the alluring beaches and the even more seductive girls. By all means, Brazil, the biggest country in South America, is a great and irresistible tourist destination. You can be sure that a journey to Brazil will not disappoint you.

The Brazilians are very friendly, and the cities are a mixture of slums and modern.  Brazil is so huge that you will not be able to explore it in one visit.  Therefore, to get a real taste of the country, you should try and at least, visit the five interesting places in Brazil that you should not miss.

 Rio De Janerio, the Land Of Soccer

Interesting places In Brazil - Rio de Janeiro

Rio De Janeiro – Image by Fábio Costa1973

Rio is an exciting city with its enticing beaches and tall skyscrapers, considered among the most frequently visited cities in that part of the world.  It is blessed with the beautiful balneario beaches of Copacabana, Ipanema  and Barra da  Tijucaand and its yearly carnival,  Bossa Nova and Samba draws hundreds of thousands of visitors, for the sexuality it exudes.  The peak of the Corcovado Mountain houses a gigantic statue of Christ, considered a world wonder, which reminds you of the Statue of Liberty in New York.

On arrival there, you will understand that, to the Brazilians, football is not just a game but in fact, a religion.

Fernando de Noronha Island – an island of varied Flora and fauna


Fernando de Noronha Island – Image by Paulinho 21

On the beaches, you are sure to see sea tortoises, Dolphins and Albatrosses.  The Fernando de Noronha Island is, in fact, a group of islands, interspersed with several volcanoes. The land is mountainous and the climate is tropical, and you will be able to see a wild variety of Flora and fauna.

The island was first discovered by Fernao de Noronha.  It was earlier known as llha da Quaresma. Fernando de Noronha Island is now declared as a World Heritage Site.

The peaceful Barra Grande

Interesting places In Brazil Not to Miss - Barra Grande Brazil

Barra Grande – Image by George Hamilton Paes Barreto

This city is distinctly different from the rest of Brazil.  It is very peaceful; with no hustle and bustle and the ideal retreat for the tourists who want to leave the drudgery, monotony and hectic life they undergo every day, to live a few days in this peaceful city.  The people here have maintained the traditional way of life, and you will breathe clean unpolluted air.


Interesting places In Brazil - Salvador

Salvador – Image by whl.travel

Salvador, perched on the north-eastern shoreline of Brazil, is the cultural center of Brazil, and it was here that the Europeans first arrived in the year 1502, after which the Portuguese arrived in 1549. The presence of the numerous white cathedrals is an indication of the strong Catholic flavor of the city, which was home to Brazil’s first bishop of the Catholic faith.

Salvador has a long coast that boasts of beautiful pristine beaches and intriguing mangrove swamps.  This is home to Brazil’s best tourist resorts and is definitely a must see place when in the country. 


Interesting places In Brazil - Manaus

Manaus – Image by Luc V. de Zeeuw

This is a very historical place with many beautiful buildings. Among the several important places that you can visit here is the Justice Palace, Amazon as Theatre, the Rio Negro Palace and the Municipal Market.

Negra is the most beautiful beach in the world and seduces visitors all around the year. Here, the white sand contrasting with the dark waters of the river sparkles brilliantly.

Institute for research in Amazon is blessed with a beautiful garden adorned with a plethora of plants and also a Zoological portion where you will be able to find animals that are threatened by the global warming and facing extinction.

Brazil is such a huge country that you will not be able to explore it in your first visit. You will need to visit Brazil a few times if you want really to enjoy its beauty and culture.  The football craze here is something that will carry you away.

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