Technology has inarguably made the world a smaller place. While some would say this has made travel a little more sterile than it was ten or fifty years ago, it also opens new doors and prevents our trips from going awry. There is, as they say, an app for everything, and travel apps are as varied as they are numerous.

Here we present ten of our favourite travel apps for both the iPhone and iPad.

Rather than rehash other top apps lists (which seems to be common practice), we’ve personally tried and tested every one of the apps below and had heaps of fun doing so. To boot, they are all enjoying acclaim from users in the app store so head on over and download with confidence.

Travel Apps for iPhone Travel Apps for iPad

iPhone Apps AroundMe (iphone)

  • Cost: Free
  • iPad version available: No

What is it?Need to find the nearest restaurant, bank, or (god forbid) hospital? AroundMe is possibly the handiest navigation app there is, with everything sorted into relevant categories and utilising a speedy interface to find what you need in seconds.

Pros: No clutter, straight and to the point. Cons: Great for cities, a bit less accurate in more localised areas.

iPhone Apps Free Wi-Fi Finder

  • Cost: Free
  • iPad version available: Yes

What is it?Pretty much what it says on the tin! There’s plenty of Wi-Fi finders out there, some free and some paid for, but this is the best among them (the fact that there’s no price tag on this one is a bonus).

Pros: The latest version is pretty much kink-free. Essential for anyone on the move. Cons: Support isn’t great outside of America, but still better than nothing.

iPhone Apps Plane Finder

  • Cost: $2.99
  • iPad version available: Yes

What is it?While the comparatively more expensive FlightTrack Pro is receiving polarized reviews, the latest version of Plane Finder is enjoying unanimous positive ratings in the app store. Ultra accurate, the app is useful for seeing exactly where your plane is or keep an eye out for incoming friends and family. Better still, it’s strangely addictive to watch the world’s skies in real time.

Pros: The accuracy and countless little details make this app a charm to use. Cons: Its practicality is arguable.

iPhone Apps Nearby – Text Your Location

  • Cost: Free
  • iPad version available: No

What is it?Regardless of being a simple, one-function app it makes you wonder why it isn’t a standard feature in smart phones. A couple of taps and a chosen recipient is sent a link with your exact location on Google maps – essential if you’re travelling with friends to prevent losing each other, or simply inviting people to a hidden bar you’ve just found in your home town.

Pros: Works without a net connection and able to tweet directly from the app. Cons: Paid version with ad removal would be preferable to some.

iPhone AppsWord Lens

  • Cost: $4.99
  • iPad version available: iPad 2 only

What is it?One of those apps that make your non-Apple-owning-friends say “wow”. Hold the camera up to any foreign text and Word Lens translates it in real time, instantly replacing any foreign sign or menu with English text. Cool, huh? The technology isn’t perfect yet though, and the price is set at a steep $4.99 per language.

Pros: This is the kind of tech that revolutionizes the world. Cons: Only in Spanish currently. It’s a bit expensive and not entirely infallible at present.

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