Are you travelling without travel insurance ?

Before departing on any trip (business or pleasure), you need to go through a basic check-list: passports, visas, plane-tickets and foreign exchange. On top of this list (written in bold, black marker pen) should be travel insurance – an essential for all travellers.

The cost of medical attention abroad, should you need it, can be crippling. Even the slightest incident – a sprained ankle or a fractured collar bone on the slopes – can leave you thousands of pounds in debt. A discount holiday that costs you less than a hundred pounds in air tickets can end up taking years to pay back without basic coverage.

Travel Insurance – Easy And Cheap Online

These days there is no excuse for not getting travel insurance. You will find a range of insurers on the net, offering policies that start with basic coverage for single trips (normally for under £10 when going abroad for less than a week), going all the way up to sports coverage for year-long backpacking holidays. Business policies, coverage for senior citizens, wedding insurance and cover for pre-existing medical conditions are all standard add-on’s these days, too.

Travel Safely – Make Travel Insurance A Priority

Make getting a travel insurance your first priority after the excitement of booking your flights and hotels. It’s easy to book online: you log on to a website, choose your policy and pay. It’s simple and very affordable – unlike the medical costs you will incur abroad without it.

Referring to travel insurance as a travel essential, is a massive understatement. It is as important as your airline tickets, passports and visas! Every year many travellers end up paying thousands of dollars in medical expenses while abroad. Save yourself unnecessary expense as well as the added angst of worrying on your trip and ensure you are travelling with a comprehensive travel insurance package.