Flying with Your Pet

Riley contemplating flight

Riley is my 11-year old 19 pound pug. He is a whole lot of attitude in a little body so I was not looking forward to him squirming through a day of airline travel. I had completed the requisite checking around with friends, family and the airlines of course but nothing quite prepares you for the actual thing.

I have had pets all of my life and have managed to fly without them until recently. Air-travel is a stressful time anyway but throw in a terrified animal and it becomes an especially “fun” event.

By carefully planning ahead, it will alleviate a lot of the stress and you’ll actually enjoy the trip!

Making Reservations

I cannot stress this enough, double check with everyone and their brother regarding the fact you are bringing a pet on this flight. Document all of the names and dates of any conversations you have had. Most airlines do not let you pay for the animal until you get to the gate so it is important to be over-prepared.

To add to the madness, usually the airlines only allow 1 to 2 pets in-cabin on any given flight so get to the airport in plenty of time to take care of things.

If it’s a possibility, take a trip to the airport and speak with the gate agents or live animal desk in person, as requirements may vary depending on the airline and airport. Through all of my research Continental airlines has had the most comprehensive pet travel program and they are the gold standard when flying with your pet.

Check out their website for thorough and vital information. Click here to read more »