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Business Travel – Tips For Curbing High Costs

boarding the plane for a Business Travel

Business travel can be quite costly. Many companies are cutting back on travel and are requiring employees to be more frugal when away from the office.

Whether you are the business owner looking at the bottom line or the sales staff member on a prospecting mission, there are a number of easy ways to save money on every business trip.

Ask for Discounts and Upgrades

Many people would be surprised at the type of discounts and upgrades that can be had by simply asking. This is true when it comes to the airline, the hotel and the car rental agency. Even if it is a small discount that is applied, it still is a savings.

There is no harm in asking, as the worst possible outcome would be that you are denied such a consideration. Click here to read more »

Mix Business Travel with Family Fun in Singapore

Family Fun in Singapore

Image by chooyutshing

Family Fun in Singapore

If you’re looking for the perfect business travel destination that is not only a hub for international corporate relations, but also provides for a fun and exciting family holiday, then look no further than Singapore. Click here to read more »