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Business Travel – Tips For Curbing High Costs

boarding the plane for a Business Travel

Business travel can be quite costly. Many companies are cutting back on travel and are requiring employees to be more frugal when away from the office.

Whether you are the business owner looking at the bottom line or the sales staff member on a prospecting mission, there are a number of easy ways to save money on every business trip.

Ask for Discounts and Upgrades

Many people would be surprised at the type of discounts and upgrades that can be had by simply asking. This is true when it comes to the airline, the hotel and the car rental agency. Even if it is a small discount that is applied, it still is a savings.

There is no harm in asking, as the worst possible outcome would be that you are denied such a consideration. Click here to read more »

Travelling on a Limited Budget

Everyone likes to go on vacation whether they are senior citizens, students, families, or being just single. It is possible to travel on a limited budget if the necessary preparation and research is done in advance.

Travelling on a Limited BudgetBuying tickets in advance

Train tickets can be bought for very much less if they are bought at least three months in advance. This involves checking out family and group discounts.

Buying tickets that are flexible with dates, and that do not involve peak hours are usually cheaper. Peak hours include 6.30 am to 9.30 am and 3.30 pm to 6.30 pm.

If you travel out of peak hours, it is most probable that you can afford  first class travel. Travelling during spring , fall, or winter is usually cheaper than summer months.

Summer months are crowded with vacationers. It is cheaper to buy tickets way in advance for long distances, and to buy tickets the same day for shorter distances.

Buying on-line

Buying on-line takes out the hassle out of joining lines. It is easy and convenient and all the information can be checked at home with just the click of a button.  All the discounts that involve senior citizens, and students can be applied.

E-Tickets are easy to check in with, because all the information has already been added to the computer’s data base. It is also convenient to search for cheap train fares on sale and how to redeem reward points. Redeeming reward points is a good way to buy your whole fare once you qualify.

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