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West Coast to East Coast On A Budget

West Coast to East Coast On A Budget - Sanfrancisco

You’ve probably heard people say, “If you really want to see the country, then do it by road because you miss it all if you fly”, or something along those lines.

So we decided to see it by road. We agreed to take a road trip from the West Coast of the United States, to the East Coast where the sea is warmer down in Florida where we were headed than it is around the Bay Area of San Francisco. Click here to read more »

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Hawaii

what to know about Hawaii Honolulu

The American State of Hawaii is a dream tourist and holiday spot for most travel enthusiasts. It is well known for its diverse scenery, public beaches, oceanic surroundings, volcanoes and warm tropical climates.

Still, there are other interesting facts about Hawaii that most travelers do not know of. Some of them are revealed below: Click here to read more »