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3 reasons why Hotels Fairy is better than Expedia

Hotels Fairy is better than Expedia

At first glance you might well be wondering, why is Hotels Fairy better than other hotel websites such as and What’s the difference, and are there any benefits to using Hotel’s Fairy? Click here to read more »

Romantic Weekends away in the Lake District

With its dramatic mountain scenery, stunning lakes and picturesque villages which inspired poets and artists for years, could there be a more romantic UK destination than the Lake District?

Cumbria is relatively easy to access from any part of the country.  Located around 2 hours north of Manchester off the M6 motorway, the area is well connected both by road and by public transport. Combined with the beauty of the area, and its excellent selection of romantic hotels, it’s the perfect choice for that special weekend away.

Indeed, there are so many romantic hotels in the area, it’s hard to select just a few, but here are 5 of the best.

1. Borrowdale Gates Country House Hotel, Keswick

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Top 5 Best Romantic Valentine Hotels

With Valentines day fast approaching you may be struggling for ideas on what to do to make your loved one feel special this winter. Why not whist them away for a romantic break?  Here is the Hotels Fairy top 5 romantic Valentine’s day Hotels, with something to light everyone’s fire:

romantic valentine hotels

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Whistler Hotels selling out for Winter Olympics 2010

Whistler Hotels

With just two weeks left until the start of the 2010 winter Olympics (12th February to 28th February 2010) in Whistler – Canada, hotels in the area are selling out fast.

If you want to stay in Whistler itself then the only hotels with rooms remaining during the event are the 5 star Fairmont Chateau Hotel and the 3 star Raintree Whiski Resort.

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Port Fairy Hotels and Guide

Port Fairy Light House

Image by No Middle Name

Port Fairy is an old fishing port about 300km west of Melbourne on the south coast of Australia.  As one of the oldest settlements in Australia with over 50 historic buildings dating back to the 1840’s and located on a stunning stretch of coast, its the perfect place to escape from the big city for a relaxing break. This Hotels Fairy guide tells you all you need to know about visiting Port Fairy.

Port Fairy Hotels Compare
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How to save money on your holiday

How to save money on your holiday

The internet is now the first place most people will start looking for their travel arrangements. It has never been easier to find what you are looking for, whether it be a luxury weekend break or a bargain family holiday. Here is a short guide on how to save money on your holiday.

More and more information is added daily to the web and you’re only ever a few clicks away from finding everything you need for a holiday, from cheap flights to the best deals on hotels to airport parking and other added extras.

However, with so much information out there, the flipside is that it can get a tad confusing.  Not sure where to start?  Well here are a few pointers to help you on your way to securing some bargain breaks. Click here to read more »

New Drug Combats Jet Lag

NuvigilBlister150mg.eps for Jet LagA new drug called Nuvigil claims to combat the effects of jet lag and looks set to be approved by the USA FDA specifically for that use.

Although, its not a serious illness, and arguable not an illness at all, the makers Cephalon claim that the drug can help prevent accidents caused by uncontrolled onset of sleep when arriving in a new time zone, such as holiday makers picking up their rental cars without realising how tired their bodies are.

Some say that this is just another example of over medicalization of things that are perfectly natural and further encourage a culture of pill popping, while others are seeing this as a genuinely useful drug to help people and prevent accidents.

Let us know that you think by leaving a comment about Nuvigil, the new drug to combat jet lag, right here at Hotels Fairy.