With Valentines day fast approaching you may be struggling for ideas on what to do to make your loved one feel special this winter. Why not whist them away for a romantic break?  Here is the Hotels Fairy top 5 romantic Valentine’s day Hotels, with something to light everyone’s fire:

romantic valentine hotels

1. Windermere Suites, Windermere, UK

Romantic Windermere Suites

Escape to the country at the luxurious Windermere Suites in the Lake District.  Stunning interior design combined with one of the most romantic destinations in the UK make this our perfect top pick.

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2. Four Seasons Gresham Palace, Budapest, Hungary

Romantic Weekend Budapest

Without a doubt one of the most exquisite hotels in Europe following a painstaking restoration.  The pride of Pest located directly in front of the iconic Chain Bridge, the four seasons truly lives up to its name as Palace.

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3. Hotel Villa Mabapa, Venice, Italy

Romantic Weekend Venice

Escape to the seclusion of the Lido island in Venice where you can relax at the Villa Mabapa with its private courtyard, just a short boat ride away from the historic and charming city centre, but for less than half the price of staying in the heart of the city.

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4. Palace Hotel, Prague, Czech Republic

Romantic Weekend Prague

5 Star luxury in the heart of historic Prague for as little as £85, the Palace Hotel is sure to make you look like you spent on lot more.

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5. Number 16 Hotel, London, UK

Romantic Weekend London

This award winning Number Sixteen hotel stylishly blends modern and traditional interior design to make you feel a special in the upmarket London district of Kensington, where there are plenty of irresistible shops, restaurants, and cafes to make your Valentines getaway perfect.

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