Thermae Bath Spa

Treat yourself and your loved ones to a day of full relaxation in one of England‘s most celebrated spa havens! Dubbed as Britain’s original and only natural thermal spa, Thermae Bath Spa can be a great choice.

Thermae Bath Spa has been using the warm, mineral-rich waters which the Romans and Celts enjoyed over 2000 years ago. Also, be amazed by how remarkably it combines the ‘old and new’ – where the historic spa buildings blend with the contemporary design of the New Royal Bath.

In Thermae Bath Spa, you’ll definitely have a wide range of treatments plus a very relaxing and inspirational setting.

Thermae Bath Spa

Natural Thermal Waters

The Thermae Bath Spa is the only Spa in Great Britain that lets its visitors bathe in natural spring waters. These clear waters are believed to have fallen as rain at about 10,000 years ago, and then sank to a depth of 1.2 miles below the earth’s surface.

In this spa haven, the waters meet high temperature rocks before rising back up through a break. Now, there are over 1 million litres of mineral-rich water which flows from the thermal springs each day, at an average temperature of 45°C / 113°F.

Thermae Bath Spa Highlights

The Minerva Bath is one great place you should never miss to visit. It is structured in a series of aromatic steam rooms designed to relax each of your senses. In here, you can choose a 2-hour or 4-hour spa session which includes full access to its warm waters and flowing curves.  Also, check out the open-air rooftop pool that offers spectacular views across the skyline of Bath.

There are two thermal pools available inside the baths. Both the indoor and outdoor pools are warmed at approximately 35.5 and cooled from 45C, at which it exits the ground. The pleasantly warm and calming atmosphere of this complex will surely give you a very relaxing visit.

The indoor pool offers a pleasant bubble pool which is quite sensational to those visiting the place. You may also, enjoy a powerful massage jet for your head and shoulders, as well as a lazy river you’ll totally love. The up-lighters installed in the floor of the pool create rhythmic effect to its clear waters.

They project a subtle and dappled light onto the curved ceiling of the pool, and becomes even more atmospheric as the main lights are dimmed in the evening.

One of the spa’s real highlight is its outdoor pool, which is located on the rooftop. It is the perfect place to soak up in the spa’s warm waters. Also, you can enjoy the jacuzzi seats and the massage jet. The best of all – for a totally romantic experience, why don’t you stay there and watch the sun go down over the city.

In addition to the main pools already mentioned, Thermae Bath Spa also features a gorgeous steam room. In here, you will find some herbal scented steam chambers complete with hot stone benches to sit or lie on. Also, take advantage of the interestingly giant hot shower in the centre of the room. This shower is fed by the thermal spring and will definitely soothe your skin.

Enjoy Spa Packages and Gift Vouchers at the Thermae Bath Spa

The Thermae Bath Spa Packages feature a choice of some of the most popular treatments you can find in a spa complex. If you’re on a tight budget, then there’s still no worries! These spa packages are excellent value for your money, since the price ranges from £65 to £195. These are namely the Thermae Delight, Thermae Entrée, Thermae Retreat, Thermae ‘Top to Toe’, De-Stress Thermae and the Ultimate Thermae.

Also, try their newest package on offer, one that is called the Twilight Package. At just £35, it already includes:

  • 3-hour spa session (already offered for the price of 2 hours)
  • Complimentary use of towel, slippers & robes
  • A one-course meal – including a vegetarian option – and drink in the Springs Cafe & Restaurant

If you truly enjoy the experience and don’t live close enough to visit regularly, the next best thing is to get your own portable hot tub spa at home, so you can sit back and wallow in the warm waters every day.

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Where to Stay

Before getting way too excited for your Thermae Bath Spa visit, be sure you already have the nicest place to stay. There are a wide range of hotels the city of Bath has to offer. The Mercure Bath Francis hotel offers a perfect location, especially since it is near The Thermae Spa and other Bath attractions (from £77/night).

If you want a luxurious and elegant place to top your holiday in Bath, then head to The Macdonald Spa Hotel Bath (from £111/night). The Express by Holiday Inn Bath, on the other hand, offers comfort and value to the price-conscious traveller (from £64/night).

Bath Spa Hotels

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