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Best Things to Do in Scotland

Scotland may be a small country when it comes to square miles, but it remains a rich, unique travel destination that attracts almost 20 million visitors every year. There are so many things to do, see, and experience in this ancient nation that it’s impossible to see everything during a single trip. The best way to make sure that you use your time the way you’ll find most enjoyable is to create an itinerary. These are some fantastic things to do, giving you a good place to start. You can even choose one of these themes as the basis for your own plans. Click here to read more »

The Best Places to Stay In Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a wonderful city which sees history blend perfectly with the modern world as you are constantly reminded of the past with Edinburgh Castle looming above the city and Georgian style buildings dominate everywhere you go.

The city attracts tourists from all around the world who come to experience the rich heritage the city has to offer as well as the cultural variety of the many museums, pubs, clubs restaurants and galleries throughout the city.

Edinburgh is the home of the largest arts festival in the world the Edinburgh Fringe and artists, performers and tourists swell the city every August. There really is an abundance of things to see and do in this unique city and this article will help you find the perfect place to stay while you are there. Click here to read more »

A Scottish Loch Tour That Can Not Be Missed

Since the 2009 financial crisis, the world has been a very different place. With many economies crashing within a few months, huge cuts and job losses, the UK is still only beginning to recover. As people look for more ways to save money, there are several markets that have seen surprising uplifts against the trend of the majority.

One of these is the holiday market. Whilst the amount of 5 star and luxury holidays have declined (unsurprisingly), many cheap breaks and bargain holidays have seen remarkable growth. Other areas to benefit have been the camping, caravan and motorhome markets, as people look for cheap and flexible ways to take a break.

So with that in mind, here are some of the most beautiful lochs in Scotland, all areas that would make a wonderful outdoor break or combine to make a magical loch tour. Click here to read more »