Tips for a Great Scotland Staycation

Great Scotland Staycation

What are your plans for the holidays? These days many people are choosing to tighten their belts and take holidays closer to home. The staycation is no longer just a cute idea but an essential.

So if you are planning a staycation in Scotland or another part of the UK how can you make sure that it’s really enjoyable and feels like a real holiday? These tips will help you.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t always have to stay in your own house for a staycation. You can also stay somewhere within the country.

A bed-and-breakfast or self catering accommodation can in Edinburgh, for example, can give you an easy getaway without breaking the bank. One way to make sure that it feels like a holiday is to switch off the television and the radio.

If you went to Spain or Mexico you wouldn’t be listening to or watching the same stations so don’t do it on your staycation. Instead take along some DVDs you would like to see and watch those instead.

Don’t be tempted to invite your friends round just because you are still in the country. Again, if you have traveled abroad you probably wouldn’t see them so it won’t feel like a proper holiday if you do. Stay holed up in your self catering accommodation and spend some time bonding as a family. Sure, you may have your spats but isn’t that what happens on holiday? Don’t worry, there’s no way it can be as bad as the Benidorm television program.

Go sightseeing just as you would if you had gone abroad and remember to take some pictures. It’s amazing how many great resources are right nearby that you have never seen. Take the time to see your town as a tourist would and you might find some new things to enjoy all year round.

One of the advantages of self catering accommodation is that you can cook if you want to. But just as you would on holiday avoid going for the same old, same old and treat yourself a little or perhaps eat out every night. Perhaps there are some delicacies that you wouldn’t have every day-give a holiday feel to your staycation.

One very important final point: remember to set a budget for your staycation just as you would for a regular holiday. That way you won’t have to worry about overspending and can enjoy your holiday with a clear conscience.

Sharon Hurley Hall the author of the “Tips for a great Scotland staycation” is a freelance writer who writes today for Edinburgh Flats who provide Edinburgh short stay apartments.