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What makes Cala d’Or the perfect base for a family holiday?

family holiday by the seaIt isn’t, perhaps, the first place you’d think to book a holiday. A small piece of land on the eastern shores of Majorca, it lacks the grandeur and five-star attractions that so many Mediterranean islands offer. You can walk the entire coast within a day, half a day if you hustle.

So why would anyone want to travel to Cala d’Or? Why should families choose this small dot on the map instead of one of the “big name” islands? Here are just a few reasons for the perfect base for a family holiday.

The Views 

Cala d’Or villas offer some of the most stunning sights in all of the Mediterranean. Not only are the beaches sky blue and crystal clear, but the mountains to the west offer a dramatic skyline and amazing sunsets. The villas themselves are beautiful, too, with dirt-paved rocks and white-washed buildings dating back centuries. The entire family will feel like they’ve stepped into a real life postcard.

Family holiday at Cala d`OrThe Adventure

Just because it’s small doesn’t mean it’s boring! Venture from the peace of Cala d’Or villas and have yourself an adventure at the marina. Explore the many shops, cafes and restaurants lining the coast; have fun with trampolines and go-carts in the children’s centre Mallorcalandia; take a glass-bottomed boat out on the water and admire the colourful fish that swim along with you. Whether you’re six or sixty, you’re sure to find a great holiday experience in Cala d’Or.

The Music

Cala d’Or is a quiet, peaceful island… most of the time. Several times a year, however, the island transforms itself into an international hub of music and dance, with all the local Cala d’Or villas coming together in a celebration of sound, culture and heritage.

The Fiesta of la Mare de Déu del Mar, or “Celebration of Our Lady of the Sea,” is a summertime festival with outdoor concerts and parades around the harbour. The Cala d’Or International Jazz Festival, also held during summer, attracts big-name jazz musicians from all around the world.

While jazz and maritime feasts might not be to your kids’ tastes, sometimes the adults have to have a little fun too, right?

Central Cala d'Or Pedestrian Zone

Central Cala d’Or Pedestrian Zone

These are just a few of the reasons to consider Cala d’Or as the perfect base for a family holiday. From beautiful villas to high-energy go-cart races, you can count on it to provide a unique, memorable trip for the whole family.

Christmas on the Road – A New Tradition?

If you’re tired of being cooped up inside the house, listening to another round of Jingle Bells on Christmas day, maybe it’s time to pack up the family and go somewhere more exotic. Maybe your family members are spread out across the country and have to travel to see you anyway.

Perhaps the same old Christmas tradition needs revamping. Whatever the reason, think about going somewhere that celebrates Christmas a little differently and maybe start a new family tradition this year.

Paradise Cove luau

Paradise Cove luau, Hawaii


Although you might not think of sand and surf when you think of Santa, Hawaiian locals do.  Mele Kalikimaka (Merry Christmas in Hawaiian) wishes are everywhere, from the holiday luaus with swaying dancers and the beat of the drums, to local nativity plays and performing children’s choirs.

There’s nothing quite as beautiful as the sound of Hawaiian harmonies set against the steel blue sky and gently lapping waves of the island ‘s shores. The weather is temperate during the holiday season, and swimming in the ocean is a nice luxury you wouldn’t normally be able to experience in most places in December.

For Christmastime, Honolulu is decked out in thousands of lights, and you can take a trolley tour around the city to gaze at the decorations. The best part is that you don’t need blankets, hats or gloves. If you hang out at Waikiki Beach long enough, you might even get to see Santa paddle up in an outrigger canoe. Click here to read more »

Tips For Planning A Luxury Family Holiday

Your children will be grown before you know it. What better way to start making family memories than by taking a fun and exciting family holiday abroad. Memories like luxury family holidays will be some of the special moments you and your children will remember when they are grown up.

Planning A Luxury Family Holiday abroad

Believe it or not, family holidays can be as much fun planning as actually taking your trip together! Many parents see planning family holidays as a daunting task, however, if you book your holiday with a luxury family holiday travel specialist, you will know that you are in safe hands.

You and your children will enjoy planning family holidays abroad by learning a little about the geography, languages and customs of the countries that you will be visiting. Click here to read more »