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Johannesburg City centre
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The largest city in Africa and with one of the busiest airports on the continent, Johannesburg is the pride and joy of this magnificent continent. Egoli or Gauteng, words that mean “Place of Gold”, are a reference to Johannesburg and their past.

Formed during the Witwatersrand Gold Rush, Joburg, has a history wrapped around the mineral-rich Witwatersrand range, a feature that helps the city lead the world in the trade of Gold and Diamonds.

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The Business Side

South of the Sahara, Johannesburg is the richest city on the entire African Continent, with the largest economy. The Gold and Diamond trade, leading the way, Johannesburg has slowly built up on other aspects such as Mining, steel and cement manufacturing plants, a massive retail-market as well as other commerce- & finance-related industries.

The Tourist Side

For tourists, Johannesburg is a great place to go shopping, dining and even experience the South African culture, traditions and lifestyle through the eyes of a modern city. Sandton City is swarming with shopping centres while Hyde Park lines up all the big designer boutiques.

There are an incredible number of malls and shopping centres with a “Shopping Resort” also in the pipeline.

Johannesburg City Zoo
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The Johannesburg city Zoo, on another note, is a fantastic place to spend some time with nature. There is a Lion Park near the city’s Lanseria district, while just a few minutes’ drive from the city will take tourists to the Krugersdorp National Park as well as the Game Reserve.

For those looking to take a bit of South Africa back with themselves, there is the Oriental Plaza and the Rosebank Flea Market, cheap ways to get hold of some local stuff.

The Climate Johannesburg City

Dry summer mornings are followed by afternoon thundershowers, almost every day, in Johannesburg. Due to the high altitude and surrounding hills, Johannesburg city has a pleasant summer with January temperatures hitting about 250C in peak summer.

Winter can be a bit chilly, with the highs dropping to 160C in winters and the lows going all the way down to a few below-freezing.

Johannesburg City country side
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Snow is rare while frost is the most likely phenomenon to be seen in Johannesburg. Johannesburg has the world’s largest artificial forest, with over 10 million trees, and these are a massive help in keeping the temperatures pleasant.

Popular Hotels in Johannesburg City


Intercontinental Sandton Towers Hotel

Intercontinental Sandton Towers Hotel in Johannesburg CityPlaced in the heart of the luxury shopping districts of Johannesburg, the Intercontinental Hotel Sandton Towers is right in the middle of all the action. Besides the massive designer-shopping stores and fine-dining restaurants, there is the Apartheid Museum and the Cradle of Humankind.

Direct links to Sandton City ensure that business travellers are never too far away from their destination, and nor from the Johannesburg International Airport.

The hotel has been designed to provide a nice and cosy atmosphere, along with almost all the modern amenities. There is a wonderful restaurant that complements the fine-dining atmosphere of the area, while the bar and lounge are perfect after a hard-day’s work or shopping spree.

The hotel can also handle over 1,200 people in their business & meeting rooms.

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Hilton Hotel Sandton

Hilton Hotel Sandton in Johannesburg CityWhether travelling to Johannesburg on work or simply to enjoy the sights & sounds, the Hilton Hotel in Joburg’s Sandton district is ideal for all. Minutes from the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, the Hilton Hotel is right in the middle of the business district.

For those looking to travel to explore the shopping and entertainment scene, there are fantastic boutiques and stores in and around the hotel as well as a host of fine-dining options in the area.

For the rest of Johannesburg city, the hotel is well connected by public transport to ensure that guests can experience everything else there is to see in this wonderful city.

The hotel has a fantastic restaurant, Tradewinds, which serves up African & Mediterranean cuisine. The hotel’s roof-top bar is a fantastic place to enjoy a nice drink, or maybe even by the pool-side bar. There is a fantastic Japanese restaurant offering not just the best Sushi & Teppanyaki to guests, but also treating them to a few master classes.

The hotel has a wonderful spa and a few tennis courts, while those who’re looking to stay in the room will enjoy a lovely homely-experience.

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Radisson Blu Santon Hotel

Radisson Blu Santon Hotel in Johannesburg CityThe Radisson Blu Hotel, in Sandton City, is one of Johannesburg’s most posh and modern hotels with amenities ideal for every business or leisure traveller. The hotel allows check-ins at the Johannesburg International airport and is connected by the Gautrain.

There is a fantastic pool on the third-floor terrace that is supported by a wonderful bar. The hotel’s gymnasium also offers wonderful views of this busy city.

Sandton City is ideal for those who’re in Johannesburg on business or to simply shop till they drop. Almost all the major corporations reside in this area while designer stores, fantastic restaurants and world class entertainment is always around the corner.

All the rooms, at the Radisson Blu Hotel, are stylish, with wonderful amenities to satisfy everyone. Wonderful restaurants and beautiful views are a part of every-day life at the Radisson Blu Hotel.

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