Explore the American Outdoors: Top 10 Camping Destinations

Philipsburg Bay Campground
Image by jay

The United States is a diverse and magnificent country, full of beautiful natural scenery. One of the best ways to explore the great American outdoors is by camping in one of its many great destinations. Here are our top 10 recommended camping locations in America:

1. Yosemite National Park:

Top 10 Camping Destinations - Yosemite National Park
Image by Joseph D’silva

This location in Mariposa, California, offers some of the best scenery in America, and some amazing opportunities for recreation activities like hiking, rock climbing, snow skiing, and the chance to see both giant Sequoias and glacial peaks.

2. Kalalau Beach:

Top 10 Camping Destinations - Kalalau Beach
Image by Ryan Whiteside

If you have ever wanted to camp along a stunning beach, this Kauai destination is your best bet. The only way to reach the beach by land is an 11 mile hike, which makes the scenery the reward. Pristine secluded shores and the sound of waterfalls make this one of the top camping destinations.

3. Kaibab Lake Campground:

Top 10 Camping Destinations: Kaibab Lake Campground
Image by Kaibab National Forest

Located in Williams, Arizona, this is best known for amazing fishing right outside your tent, as well as the close proximity to the Grand Canyon (a mere 60 miles). Plenty of hiking trails start off from the campsite as well.

4. Brown Dog Campsite:

Top 10 Camping Destinations: Brown Dog Campsite
Image by stepol

This Georgian campground is found on the Pine Mountain Trail, on a high bluff overlooking waterfalls. While there are plenty of trails in the area, you’ll be forgiven for just sitting and admiring the breathtaking scenery below.

5. Hardin Ridge Recreation Area:

Top 10 Camping Destinations: Hardin Ridge Recreation
Image by alykat

Located in Bloomington, Indiana, this 1,200 acre camping complex is situated just next to Lake Monroe. It’s sheer size mean that hiking, fishing, swimming, and boating are all possible activities.

6. San Gorgonio Mountain:

San Gorgonio Mountain
Image by mcbridejc

This campground is not for the faint of heart–to get there, you’ll have to climb to the top of the 10,000 foot lookout. Although the area below is a Californian desert expanse, the elevation means the air at the campsite is crisp and refreshing.

7. Hocking Hills State Park:

Top 10 Camping Destinations: Hocking Hills State Park
Image by An Fear Glas

Found in Laurelville, Ohio, this campground is full of all the amenities any family could need while camping. Spend your days hiking among waterfalls and stunning cliffs.

8. Philipsburg Bay Campground:

Top 10 Camping Destinations: Philipsburg Bay Campground
Image by jay

This popular Montana campsite is a favorite thanks to it’s close proximity to the bay, and easy boat access and well as safe and fun swimming.

9. Luna-White Deer Lake Campground:

Luna-White Deer Lake Campground
Image by R Haggard

This Wisconsin campsite boasts access to two lakes, and is a destination for avid fishermen from all over the globe! A hike around the perimeter of both lakes is a favorite of campers.

10.Big Bay Recreation Area:

Big Bay Recreation Area is a Camping Destinations
Image by Lukas Pawlak

Found in Shell Knob, Missouri, this campground is a great place for fans of water recreation. It’s location on the shore of 53,000 acre Table Rock Lake means there is no shortage of things to do on the water!

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