Why You Should Travel Asia? – Asian Travel Guide

If you are planning your summer vacations then you should never forget about Asian travel, Asian hotels and Asian beaches. These are only a few things to mention here, Asia has got a lot more to surprise you. Below, you will find surprising information to travel in Asia.

There are a lot of things to do in Asia; you will never get bored because every new morning will bring new experience and new adventures for you. So, just get ready to explore the beauty of Asia because Asian travel has got a lot of things for you.

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Santa Teresa: A sleepy Little Beach Town

Santa Teresa
Image by Cammie

Santa Teresa is a sleepy little beach town on the western central coast of Costa Rica just north of the popular surfing destination of Mal Pais. Although it was once only a tiny fishing village it has become a popular tourist destination in the past two decades, especially among surfers, nature lovers and backpackers who love its unspoiled charms.

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Tips to Reduce Travel and Vacation Costs

Reduce travel and vacation costs - Money
Image by carolyn mccaslin

Going on vacation is something people rarely allow themselves more than once or twice each year. The two primary reasons that people limit the number of vacations they have is limited time off and the expenses associated with travelling.

While the former can rarely be changed, reducing travelling and other vacation costs may increase your chances of enjoying trips more often. Spending some time learning new tips about travelling can increase savings and help you plan a trip that you really love.

Everything from airfare costs to lodging and food can be discounted if you know where to look and how to get the best savings.

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Renting a Holiday Cottage in the Lake District

Lake District
Renting a Holiday Cottage in the Lake District
Image by Ennor

Hotels are all well and good but if you’re like me, you probably prefer more of a ‘home away from home’ set up when you go on holiday.  For many reasons, renting a cottage is by far the preferable choice for a lot of people for many reasons:

  • There is plenty of space
  • You get self-catering facilities
  • Cottages often work out cheaper than hotels
  • You’ll be able to dine when you like, unrestricted by set meal times

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Finding a Place to Stay in Paris Medium to Long Term

Place to Stay in Paris - Aparthotels
Paris Aparthotels

If you are looking at an extended stay in Paris for business or any other reason, you may feel like you don`t want to commit to properly leasing a property, but you don`t want the expense of staying in a hotel the whole time either.

If this is the case, what should you do?

Why Neither a Hotel or an Apartment is Quite Right

I spent six months working in La Defense in Paris a couple of years back, and this was the situation I found myself in.

I was only staying in the city four nights a week, and didn`t know how long my company would need me to stay with that particular client, so properly renting out an apartment didn`t seem like a great idea, because if I had to leave at short notice to go to another client in another city or country it could be a problem, and because I was already paying for somewhere to live back home in the UK.

On the other hand, staying in hotels, while my company would foot the bill, meant that I had no real facilities and would have had to spend 6 months eating only in restaurants (OK, it doesn`t sound that bad, dining out every night in Paris, but after a 14 hour day at the office there were times when going to a restaurant was the last thing I wanted to do).

The solution I, and many other people on extended business trips in Paris found, was a French concept called “Aparthotels”.

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Accommodation For Your Around The World Flights

There are hundreds of fun and exciting places to go travelling around the world, and there are a lot of different routes and methods of transport you can take to get to your dream destination.

quality-crown-hotel-kensingtonOnce you have booked your around the world flights, you’ll know exactly where you will be travelling to and for how long. Now it’s time to think about some of the accommodation that you will be staying in throughout your travelling experience.

There are many advantages to booking your accommodation before you go. First, it will save you time and you won’t be searching around for a hotel or somewhere to stay for the night.

You will also be able to go and freshen up after a long journey, or rest for a few hours before you head out to see attractions. It also gives you a base so you won’t have to carry all your clothes at one time. Getting a good accommodation can also give you a better travelling experience in the long run.

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Top Road Trip Must-Haves for Motorcyclists

There is nothing quite as exhilarating as a road trip on a motorcycle. Between the rush of the ride, the wind blowing by, the good times and all of the miles, it’s no wonder that there are more motorcycles on the road now than ever before. If you’re planning a long-distance trip on your motorcycle, here are some must-haves for your trip that you may have missed.

Must-Haves for Motorcyclists
Image by mymotorcylistsclub

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